Actress Patti LuPone stars in Ryan Murphy’s “Hollywood” as a studio head’s wife who, after her husband suddenly dies, takes over the family business and changes the landscape of old Hollywood by creating more inclusive films for and by black and LGBTQ people. In Variety’s Power of Women cover story, LuPone continues to envision a world ran by women.


14 thoughts on “Patti LuPone on Ryan Murphy's 'Hollywood' and Imagining a World Ran by Women

  1. In Steven Universe she is even the boss as Yellow Diamond. Ugh I LOVE her ❤️

  2. She has a PHD in political science now,
    actor to political analyst. What a nut case !! Lol never heard of her. Maybe shes looking for her 15 min.

  3. What an amazing idiot this woman is… happy she is moving out of America… but please, not Ireland… Venezuela is more conducive to her mental prowess…

  4. Best person for the job please. Sex, race, and sexual preference should play ZERO part.

  5. Love Patti LuPone, I saw her bring the house down in London when she "I'd like to propose a toast." I was entirely star struck. John Sivorn

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