Paul Hollywood’s culinary journey across Japan concludes as he enters a noodle-eating challenge, dines with the largest-ever sumo and goes on an ‘eat-till-you-drop’ tour in Osaka. In this clip, Paul eats one the worlds most expensive Strawberries!

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10 thoughts on “Paul Hollywood eats a £350 Strawberry! | Paul Hollwood Eats Japan

  1. Can this Japanese farmer please be my sugar daddy? Or shall i call him…. my strawberry daddy? PLEASE!

  2. I always sew many of this incredible fruit when i travelled to japan and is strange that have so high price … i know is not only questin about foood itself but the perfection of the form, but i strange ahahah

  3. Just think, $100 burgers coming soon to a place near you. They won't taste any different than the $5 variety though.

  4. with his wages , nothing. working for the bbc tax payers money means nothing.

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