Video I took of Perfume at the Cars 2 Premier in Hollywood, California.


26 thoughts on “Perfume at Cars 2 Premier in Hollywood

  1. Perfume are amazing!!! Love you so much Perfume!!! Please come to Malaysia

  2. あーちゃんは優しいなぁ。最後まで手を振ってあげて。

  3. It was pretty surreal. I've seen them at all concerts since Triangle Tour, but having the "up close and personal" treatment in LA was more thrilling than all of the concerts combined…and the concerts were absolutely incredible!
    There are times I like to think that the whole Perfume Global movement started because a few of us crazy fans made an effort from a last minute forum post to see them. ^_^

  4. I really love Perfume!
    I think this was very emotional for the girls (and 4 me to, just watching this video makes me wanna cry xDD I feel sorry for myself xDD). I think they thought that nobody would go to see them, and suddenly there were people screaming her names. ^ ^.. soo EPIC!

    (forgive my awful english ^ ^")


  5. 凄い事だから、もっとTVで扱われても良かったんじゃないかなぁ。

  6. 普段泣かないのに、この動画見たら無性に泣けてくる。

  7. @MelancholyUnicorn Polyrhythm is featured in Cars 2 during the party scene in Japan.

  8. @kaori0215777 ありがとう かおりさん。僕たちは本当にわくわくしたよ!PerfumeはLAに帰りたいよ!

  9. kudos for US fans!! They obviously heard you!! That definitely meant a lot for Perfume.

  10. OMG!!!! I can't believe they came to America!!!! If I lived in CA, I would have definitely went. I am glad to see there were many fans of Perfume who were there and cheered them on. I hope that in the future they will have concerts in America. Great video!!!

  11. @thispenguin Seriously. I don't know anyone who is more appreciative of their fans than Perfume.

  12. THANK YOU PSYCH i am truly happy for Perfume that they're getting more recognition and eventually hopefully they'll have asia tours and world tours.


  13. 10年以上に及ぶ努力の結果が世界進出に繋がったんだね!

  14. OMG THEY ARE SO NOT STUCK UP! <3 [not that i ever thought they were =P] Lucky you.

  15. LOL that's awesome….

    eventhough I only seen the video…. the girls looks incredibly beautiful

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