1. I really enjoyed “Hollywood” and the cinematography is stunning. Streaming in 4K with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos I couldn’t help thinking “This looks better on my OLED TV than any public cinema screening ever could”. A bit of a wake up call for someone who, when the cinemas were open, went there to see 3-4 films every week.

  2. Another great blog🤙 Mark Cousin’s ‘Women make Film’ was the highlight of my Glasgow Film Festival 20 .A masterwork IMO and new course of film education Just ordered a copy as a birthday present to myself 😍

  3. This made me both nostalgic for Cannes and for a Hollywood that never existed 🙂

  4. I used to watch the guardian film review every week,
    Are you doing any regular podcasts, always enjoyed your insights.

  5. Love your reviews and vlogs Peter you’re one of my favourite critics out there. Even though I sometimes don’t agree with you your reviews are knowledgeable and engaging. Recently watched the The thin red line and I thought it was mesmerising and going to watch Yi Yi tonight. Wonder what your thoughts are on them? Thank you

  6. Finished watching it last night. Initially intrigued but finally put off by its fictionalisation of the real history. There'd be enough of a story just telling Rock Hudson's actual journey without all the nonsense about this made-up film winning actual Oscars. It trivialised the series' message. I thought Dylan McDermott was the best performer and best caught the feeling of the period. (Another thing – US TV's inability to avoid anachronistic dialog: e.g. the producer talking about 'tropes' before anyone knew what the hell they were; and in the film 'Meg', our hero saying 'Dammit' and 'God' as sweary emphasis – wouldn't have happened, would it?)

  7. Peter i must tell you that you are the best film critic of these times though i don't think snowman deserved 3 stars.
    Lots of Love from Pakistan

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