Todays video is a tour of the Planet Hollywood hotel and casino. I also take you through the Miracle mile shops. My next video will be a review of the room from when I stayed there for a night!

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Miracle Mile shop directory:

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Hold old are you?
-I’m 31. I was born Sep 18th, 1988

Are you single?
-No, happily married

Can we meet up when I’m in Vegas?
-Im currently not comfortable with meeting up with strangers by myself, sorry. My safety comes before trying to make friends 😔

Are you Annette Obrestad, the poker player?
-Former poker player, yes

Do you still play poker/why did you quit?
-Long story, its complicated, but at the end of the day, I wasnt enjoying it anymore 🤷‍♀️

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25 thoughts on “Planet Hollywood Casino & Hotel Las Vegas + Miracle mile shops. FULL WALK THROUGH

  1. Hey guys! This video was filmed back in February. I only have one video left pre filmed after this, so I'm just trying to spread them out as much as I can. Hopefully things will go back to normalcy in not way too long, and we can all get back to the strip and having fun 🙂

  2. I just love anything Vegas related videos. PH is one of my faves. Stayed there twice last year. Thanks for the videos and stay safe?
    ! 🍪

  3. Just a note, a mile is a long distance; 4-laps around a track that goes around a high school football field. It is actually the distance between Tropicana and Flamingo.

  4. Usually when I stay in a resort, I can get the layout down. Planet Hollywood is the only casino I still end up lost inside, and I stayed there.

  5. 🍪🍪🍪🍪 Thanks for another walk through. For some reason, every time I come to Vegas in the past 2 years, I end up in this mall at some point. Although I've been there at least half a dozen times, it looks like there some things I missed. I'll definitely pay closer attention next time or keep walking and exploring. Hopefully soon! Stay safe!

  6. Stumbled on to this channel. I like & subscribed! I hear so many horror stories about cheap rooms in Vegas, I'm happy someone tells the truth. I don't care about fanciness either, just a bed to sleep on. Being a poker player and video poker player, we all know it's a grind-fest and you spend all your time playing anyway. Ggreetings from New England, hopefully this whole mess passes and we get a vaccine asap.

  7. 🍪 Thanks for walk-thru, I enjoy your videos. We just started going to Vegas in 2017. I started watching Vegas videos after our first trip because I found it overwhelming on where to start, where are the best places to eat, what does each hotel have to offer, checking out the casino floors to see what type of vibe they have and to generally help in figuring out where everything is at so we didn't waste precious vacation time searching/wondering which way to go. They help in building a plan! We do rent a car because we like to venture off strip during the day, we stayed at pH on our second trip and that garage is quite a walk from the hotel!

  8. Love planet Hollywood! Yolos restaurant is awesome ! We go there every time! This hotel is fabulous!

  9. We have a reservation there at PH on June 19. Hopefully everything will be open and safe to go.

  10. If I lived in Las Vegas, I would do "walk throughs" in these casinos / hotels / malls just for the exercise and to escape the elements and maybe stop to get a bite to eat somewhere!

  11. hello Annette, we love watching your videos, we are from Brazil and it is very good to be able to watch and see the hotels and see the images of las vegas, keep it up and go very far, tks. Bruna and Marco.

  12. 🍪 I still love these videos even if my trip to Vegas is cancelled for this year, hoping to make it there someday!

  13. I lived in Vegas for 5 years and love seeing the places I liked to go to and hang out at! Also I have a very large sweet tooth like you and love seeing all those sweets.

  14. Once Vegas is back in full swing you should start reviewing a few of the shows too

  15. My husband and I plan on moving to Vegas and I watch your other channel, so I love these videos.

  16. hi  Annette,nice video. I don't feel comfortable with the surroundings in ph,its not my cup of tea,.keep  the videos coming and stay safe.I should have been coming to vegas in 2 weeks,sadly that's impossible. so I have now re-booked for October 13.and staying at treasure island, iv'e never stayed there,so if yourselfor anyone have been let me know.take care,       neil(England).

  17. We were meant to fly over from Australia to get married in the valley of fire on April 16th and we were meant to be staying at PH 😭

  18. 🍪🍪🍪 I visited Vegas in 2017 on a bachelorette party. I would love to visit again! I love all of your content!

  19. Even though I always lose at PH, I always make sure to stop in there on every trip. I really enjoy the atmosphere there. And Earl of Sandwich is so good!

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