Posers is the world’s premier (and funniest) play by play commentary of instagram photography. Standup Comedians heckling strangers taking pictures in public through the guise of sports commentary. Posers breaks down their instagram photography skills in the world’s most unique albeit most irreverent (some say useless) way. TOP VIDEO ON REDDIT! Man on the street interviews paired with extreme sports analogies.

Our announcers:
Channing Apodaca, California’s hometown hero, studied improv and sketch comedy at The Groundlings Theater.
Dave Neal, from the charming coastal state of Rhode Island, also failed out of Groundlings, (the first level).

Together, their electric chemistry forms the duo known as the Hollywood Posers Varsity team, or HPV for short.

Follow Channing @theotherchanning and Dave @dnealz on instagram, leave a comment below and you might be featured on a future episode!



4 thoughts on “Play By Play Announcers Crash COLLEGE GIRLS TAKING PIX IN HOLLYWOOD- Posers Episode 2

  1. The timing on that last joke just sold it so well holy shit. Keep it up boys! Theres virtually infinite content with this format.

  2. Fuckers, if you were 1/10th as smart as you think you are, you'd know that clouds are transparent to ultraviolet light, which are the wavelengths that damage your eyes over the long term. Wearing your shades outside in the day, regardless of cloud conditions, will preserve your vision long term. You'd probably be more popular if you were such cum guzzling dumbasses. /,

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