Pop Smoke murder cause by LAPD Hollywood Hills paid corruption. Bashar Barakah JacksonAssassins got paid to kill. The Rampart Scandal. 4/13/2020 assassination g#popsmoke Pop Smoke’s Bashar Barakah Jackson Hollywood Hills home #POPSMOKE Pop Smoke was a targeted hit not robbery. Pop Smoke woo friends. Pop Smoke was killed by New York Brookyln Woos. Pop Smoke conspiracy video. #PopSmokeDead #MeetTheWoo2 #PopSmoke #IsmokehiphopLive #PopSmoke #PopSmokeDead #MeetTheWoo2 #PopSmokeBrother #MikeDee #PopSmokeGirlfriend #YummyYellow #WOO #popsmoke #lapd #Hollywood #PopSmoke #Element @akaikidsboutique @missperfectsilhouette ✨ @fashionnova code: XOYELLOW


Pop Smoke, the rising New York rapper whose gruff-voiced style made fans of stars like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, was shot and killed in Los Angeles Hollywood Hills shooting.

Pop Smoke, a rising New York rapper, was found with fatal gunshot wounds at a home in the Hollywood Hills home, authorities said.

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  1. That's my lil homie big BENZ rayan …the Sheriff's killed nothing down about it not even a names Xposed the two officers who did it 80 shots no gun found he was unarmed 🤷🏿‍♂️🙏🏿

  2. i told everybody i knew that this case was set up by the feds. LAPD get their orders from higher places. Niggas coming up so fast and getting that much money while becoming woke is a threat. Pop smoke’s mindset was different. You know how they used the NOI to kill Malcolm, it’s the same tactic every time…2pac, Nipsey.


  4. Bro you going on too long about pop G he wasn’t murdered by cops it was Brooklyn niggas people he knew well you don’t know how deep the rabbit hole goes this video just throws people off from the real perps smh I know OG’s from his hood the flossy this ain’t what happened do more research on WOO and who didn’t authorize that set

  5. Yup I kept saying‼️‼️‼️‼️ it’s the LAPD ‼️‼️WHO KILLED POP SMOKE LOOK HOW THEY MOVED IN ON HIM LIKE A ARMY that’s why is going to be unsolved

  6. Let’s not blame LAPD. They’re the murderers but they didn’t make the call. As ismoke said. They were PAID. This is someone else’s work. A lot think its J prince.

  7. This wasn’t no woo’s. This was the work of a. Wealthy elite who took the life of a young man because of his potential and leadership . Pop wasn’t a clown. He wasn’t dumb. They don’t like if they can’t control you. U oppose as a threat. To add, two officers were having a lengthy convo behind Pops house the day of shooting . I wouldn’t even say LAPD responsible. They jsut the soldiers. Crash dummies. I swear PD move just like street gangs. They even sloppy.

  8. Pop Smoke involved in same NYC investigation as 69, Google all 69 song titles, look up what fefe means. Now google chit chat. Look up stores and restaurants in New Jersey and NYC. What do all the stores have in common? look at ALL photos and videos now.

  9. He dead don’t know wtf he is talking about he stay making videos about pop and don’t know anything he just trying to get views off pops name

  10. Og turtle n even monster kody said…la police has special hitsquad on gangbangers with clout

  11. Its a War in New York.
    The Mass Potential Pop
    Had though 💫SMOKE🔥

  12. I was saying to myself when pop got murdered. I knew the cops had something to do with pops murder. It was the same thing that happened with Nipsey It’s a dirty police system. They take out are leaders and one who have the potential to be a leader. Fact💯

  13. Where you get your information and where is your evidence you keep talkin but you just talkin cuz you got a mouth where is the evidence

  14. About a lawsuit you ain't got no money you always doing those interviews and looking behind you the f*** what the f*** are you at man

  15. I be telling people the police are the ones that be sending all these damn hits. Especially the ones we don’t see no JUSTICE in.

  16. In New York when something fall or something happen after we speaks facts we say that's how real it is

  17. I swear to God pop came to me in my sleep last night and he said and showed me how it was all a set up and his ppl got paid off for not speaking…. He so heavy on my heart

  18. This guy crazy the worst thing you can do is expose cops. This has to be a joke .

  19. Thank you for this video big bro! Keep doing your thing. Real one are tuning in, believe that!!

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