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DJ Ghost music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgfVYG2Mmis


33 thoughts on “Pop Smoke Murdered In Hollywood

  1. There’s more crabs in the bucket then there is stars that’s why you gotta move smart this ain’t a game roll with your homies and have it on you you ain’t scared for that you just know what time it is cuz I don’t got a job rn and all these bills on my head got me ready to do something there’s to many factors out here to be cocky

  2. @2:19 How could you be tired of it Ghost when you help promote the music that fuels all this killing? You react to videos where rappers speak of violence and crime on a regular basis. Pop smoke talked about running down and killing in his own songs and it basically happened to him. He says send the addi we gon slide in Christopher Walkin and thats basically how he was murdered. Why are people building up the negativity and not trying to solve the problem by promoting a way to peace? What about Lil Tijay F.N… This is a young man talking about wishing death on someone and you reacted to it by saying you rock with him and making jokes. The song is about wanting someone dead. These kids are not moving forward and things are not getting any better. Your reactions are only helping to promote more violence because your popularity helps influence that lifestyle. There will always be a trickle down effect. That kid messaged you and he is dead a few days later but I guarantee you'll watch another video about killing and you'll blaze, bop your head and show support for someone just like him, looking up to you but going the wrong direction. I'm not blaming you Ghost but if you were truly tired of it you wouldn't stand for it.

  3. For the people who read this.We all have different situations, but maybe its time to sit back and look at your friends, and most importantly yourself. "I dropped my day ones for to win" ….remember we are all humans , what your thinking or doing, might not be what someone else is thinking or doing. Jealousy and hate is easy to feel. Some act on it violently… some don't. Sometimes it means a shitty day , sometimes it might mean death. Be careful who let in , and choose to be around. Money talks, people lie. Do what you need to do, to move forward, even if that means leaving people behind. Think about it. Rip Pop Smoke 🙁

  4. Ghost how much your weed habit a month? you smoke like a chimney dawg lol everytime I smoke feels like my heart gonna jump out my chest fr thats why i only drink

  5. I’m sorry I was stuck on the part when he said he ran trains with his homies that’s what’s up 😂

  6. Homeboy was sacrificed its obvious with some of these artists…i fucks with ya channel bro stay solid 💯

  7. Yooo dj you need to react to some uk drill trust you won’t regret it
    Dave : blackbox
    Ofb: youngest in charge,ambush, once in a while, purge
    Digga d : mad about bars, fire in the booth,p4dp,next up
    Zone 2 no censor, dead, trizzac lighteork freestyle

    You’ll get loads of uk followers trust bro

  8. Bro he was a real 1 who ever showed him luv he always relied back bro it’s bhi own ppl killing they owns rip pop smoke

  9. RIP but he should have security at all times only 20 grew up in the hood but get killed in Hollywood he never say this one coming damn.

  10. Ghost gotta be the #1 hip hop reviewer on YouTube. Super work out here , stay 💯 life is fucking short and highly unpredictable

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