Going Back To Her Hollywood Acting Career Won’t Be As Easy As It Sounds For This Duchess
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Before she met Prince Harry, Meghan Markle was working as an actress on the show, Suits. But now that she’s no longer a full-time Duchess of the Royal Family and many fans have wondered if she’ll return to her acting career. She took on a voiceover job on the Elephants documentary, but did she earn the position based on merit or did her husband pull some strings with Bob Iger? She’s a long way away from being a Disney princess or a Marvel superhero, but does she have a chance at reviving her past career? Before landing her big break as Rachel Zane, her resume wasn’t exactly impressive and Howie Mandel didn’t even remember who she was as a former briefcase girl on Deal or No Deal. Even if she has the skills to make it in the entertainment industry, will she have the drive? After all, her career added difficulties to her first marriage which ended in a divorce. There are plenty of working moms out there, but it’s possible that she might make decisions based on what’s best for Archie Harrison and her desire to give him as normal a life as possible.

What do you think the Duchess of Sussex will do now that she’s no longer working full time for the royal family? Do you think Kate Middleton, Prince William, and The Queen are supportive of this decision? Share your predictions with us in the comment section below and don’t forget to click on the subscribe button for more new videos from us here at The Talko.

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24 thoughts on “POV: Meghan Markle's Acting Career Might Be Over In Hollywood

  1. Oh shush she doesn’t care about anybody else but herself nobody likes her I’m sorry she I don’t envy her I cannot stand to

  2. How much of the worlds Oxygen has she consumed FLYING CONSTANTLY.
    She has damaged the planet and doubles that up with hypocrisy by telling POOR people they shouldnt fly.
    He has 25 milliin but THE POOR had to pay 5 million for her wedding….80,000 for her jaunt to ny for her hen night and 3 million for her house in windsor….THEN LEFT.
    Hypocrite..liar…narccasist….social climber…waste of space…manipulator….friendless…

  3. She wanted and received fame, grandeur, riches, pomp and ceremony when she married Prince Harry. However there was no 'give and take' ….it now seems she was not willing to make any sacrifice on her part. With so much gained, she was still dissatisfied, tore Harry from his family and his duties causing problems for the Royal Family. Totally self centred and selfish. She is quite a 'Jezebel.' We hope Harry wakes up from his stupor before he loses everything, including respect and dignity.

  4. So she thinks giving her leftover food to the homeless,is that all they are worth, bloody hell

  5. Meagain and H are not happy and they are NOT parents. I feel us Brits need to really investigate this baby bump myth. That way we can put at least that to bed and not have to pay for a doll for the rest of our lives. Dear queen you need to strip them of all titles.

  6. Good Lord, she has hardly been a success before she married. Since then she is so toxic no one in their right mind would want to touch it with a barge pole. This wench has done so much damage for women. A gold digging ho.

  7. What do you mean with "might be over"? She never had a career in Hollywood – except in her deranged mind, that is.

  8. If she's so nice why doesn't she even speak to her own father? What the hell is wrong with her she has no respect for anybody.

  9. If you believe that the Duchess as a member of the Royal Family will ever go back to acting, then you naive as well as ignorant. Her charity and philanthropic will be the only work worthy of her status.

  10. A normal life for their son…hiding in LA with two nannies and a governess 🤣

  11. Filled with inaccuracies including “her career was taking off” (no other roles other than Suits and 2 lifetime movies. Those other roles mentioned were walk ons) and they want a quiet life. Puhleese. They want to cash in.

  12. She “had an acting career”, 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Come on, is this really Comedy Central I am on?

  13. I thought Meghan and dear Harry wanted nothing to do with the Royal Family. So why does she use the Duchess, Duchess Meghan. What a load of BS!!

  14. She didn't like to stand around smiling and she married a Royal?
    What did she think she would be doing as Harry's wife?

    But then she could ALWAYS pull out the race card when she thought ANYTHING was beneath her.
    Harry was an idiot to marry an African American woman and worse allowed her to convince him to leave England.
    Most African American women see themselves as QUEENS and get really upset when a white woman is called a PRINCESS.*
    If divorced in California she is almost certainly going to get the child even though she insists she have an
    acting career.

  15. Megan’s career is only over in Hollywood if she CHOOSES not to work in Hollywood ever again! She can work wherever she wants to work🌝

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