A fun array of short clips from pre-code Hollywood films. Because many have asked, the music underscoring the montage at the end is “That’s the Rhythm of the Day”, from DANCING LADY (1934). Also, many have asked why I left out the typical flirting with nudity of the era. There’s a link to a separate video about that at the end of this video.


31 thoughts on “Pre Code Hollywood

  1. thanks for share!! any body knows where can i watch these films online? im looking for and its very difficult to find them

  2. You probably have seen it, but a clip from Tarzan and His Mate, Johnny Weismiller and Esther Williams. As she dives into the lake, he pulls the string holding her bikini on and she does about a 5 minute swim scene, totally in the buff…

  3. I wonder how far the movie makers would have gone if the Hayes' Code hadn't been adopted. The Oscars today might look more like the AVN Awards

  4. There were a lot more roles for women back then. And they talk to each other as well as the men!

  5. One of the greatest films from that period was "M". Although it was made in Germany, the dialog and
    film techniques were a good twenty years ahead of its' time. The 1950s Hollywood remake was
    truly dismal and looks more dated than the original from 1930.

    It made Peter Lorre into a star. The 1930s Hollywood films at their best were far daring than the
    neutered films a decade later.

  6. my dumb asexual being honestly think they were that innocent to not do scenes like that in old hollywood movies. i thought they were that conservative.

  7. Yeah, I can see why they brought in acceptable codes of behaviour. But some scenes wouldn't have been censored. Do remember, there's plenty more censorship going on today.

  8. Guess I found the cure for my porn addiction, in Hollywood's pre code filmography.
    Now, let's watch some movies… rough.

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