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Priyanka Chopra talked about how she felt after getting insulted by TV anchors in Hollywood.

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25 thoughts on “Priyanka Chopra REACTS On Getting Insulted By TV Anchors In Hollywood | LehrenTV

  1. I've seen many interviews of Priyanka with ellen, Jimmy Fallon,james corden any other big anchors they all were so nice to Priyanka. Commenting something in a sarcastic tone for humour don't mean someone is racist. Also I've read comments too there also i haven't found any racist comment. Also racist people are everywhere we shouldn't blame a country.

  2. Just look at her confidence and spontaneous answer she gives to such tricky questions, hat's off PC😘

  3. Love the way she said 'just because I am a celebrity in india, doesn't mean I am going to be recognised everywhere. I don't mind introducing myself'. Deepika Padukone needs to learn this.

  4. Nice voice + beauty + nice acting + bold + strong + smart = The lengend PRIYANKA CHOPRA

  5. Hayeeee priyanka kay hand😦😦😦😮😮😂😂😂😆😆😆😅😅

  6. As for Ellen, she is a bitter bitter woman who despises everyone. Many have yet to understand that.

  7. She knows how to deal with such questions…. What a great answer!!!! She is such a masterpiece….

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