Charlize Theron (‘Bombshell’), David Heyman (‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’), Emma Tillinger Koskoff (‘Joker’ ‘The Irishman’), Debra Martin Chase (‘Harriet’), Dan Lin (‘The Two Popes’), and Peter Chernin (‘Ford v Ferrari’) join Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter for this season’s FULL, uncensored Producers Roundtable.

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24 thoughts on “Producers Roundtable: Charlize Theron, David Heyman, Emma Tillinger Koskoff, Dan Lin | Close Up

  1. How about movies like Us or Annabelle franchise or indie movies that don't need names. Or even parasite, farewell or crazy rich asians making twice it's budget in U.S market alone. There's no need for names unless you're producers and filmmakers that are solely clinging on big box office success so the big actors and actress are needed.

  2. You can tell it's producers when they take every question as an opportunity to promote their films instead of just answering the question.

  3. Have all the late nights host together… Conan Colbert Seth both the Jimmys James Corden John Oliver etcetc…

  4. These THR roundtables have gotten so much more rich 😘✨👌🏼❤️

    I love this quality selection of varied professionals. Keep this moderator, too, please!

  5. So glad to see round tables again… especially the actors in their “natural state”

  6. Charlize Theron is so unlikable to me. She just has this cold aura about her.

  7. Wow, I really enjoyed this perspective- very refreshing and interesting. I’m so intrigued by the path of all these folks and was only familiar with Charlize when I picked this vid to watch and am so glad I did. Great watch – excellent and surprising viewpoints

  8. It would have been nice if they would have asked the actual producers about race and gender, instead of just the actresses each year.

  9. Oh god no, the Lady Vengeance american version will be such a trainwreck.

  10. Streaming media works for the masses; people are able to watch movies in the comfort and safety of their own environments on their devices according to their available time. Many are not able to afford or travel to theaters.

  11. Charlize Theron: "When something scares the s#$t out of me, I should probably do this."

  12. I also wonder… where is a start of a story – as a film? Does it always come from a director? Does it goes to a producer then? Are there any different ways? How to submit a story?

  13. Gosh, it was so informative, brilliant people, thank you for bringing it on You Tube.

  14. Charlize hasn’t said enough she’s a producer😂Every interview! Obviously it’s not the same!

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