James Corden Is A Hollywood PSYCHO **upsetting proof**
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James Corden best known now for his Carpool Karaoke on the Late Late Show has come under criticism in the way he treats people around him similar to Ellen DeGeneres. What do you think of James Corden and has your opinion changed after this video?


28 thoughts on “Proof James Corden Is A Hollywood PSYCHO **Unbelievable**

  1. Let me know what you guys think of James Corden Below, has this video changed your mind?

  2. I can't really see a compelling case that he's a psychopath maybe he is but it looks to me as if he was the fat kid that got bullied all the time then finally got some fame and power and became the asshole who's overly compensating for his insecurities.

  3. i fucking hate james corden with a passion this man wants to be the one interviewed soooo bad

  4. does it piss anyone else off that James doesn't put a space after full stops?

  5. He drives for most shows, not all — a conclusion any amount of thinking could have brought you to tbh. Other than that though, the stuff you're talking about is spread out with gaps in between that make him appear like the average person that sometimes says or does shitty things (especially comedians). Celebrities really aren't any more or less human than anyone else and it's really extreme to go so far as to call him a psycho. I get your aim of getting as many clicks as possible (it can pay really well obviously) but goodness.

    People shouldn't expect any human being to always be bubbly, perfect, and likeable. It's unrealistic, even if it's what's shown in a show that is meant to be bubbly, entertaining, and/or uplifting. Undoubtedly you also have moments in your history that wouldn't show you in the best light or make you appear like someone perfect for the repeat job of calling out others.

  6. I fuck with this type content. Expose all the shitty celebrities that put up a front . Keep up the good stuff

  7. can you cite your sources?????? just for credibility so I know ur not citing TMZ

  8. James Corden is one of those guys that wasn’t good enough to make it on West End/Broadway but makes a point to show he can sing at every chance he can get.

  9. I never liked him … He's …meh …not even worth to comment or roast.

  10. I already kinda knew he was an asshole when I saw him trying to fuck up a talented kid chef's segment on his show. If he treats a child like that, I could not imagine how he treats adults

  11. When both sides of the Pond, despise you. You should probably quit your job.

  12. Why is this in my recommended. I don't care what you think of James Corden. Lol.

  13. Am i the only person still confused on how James Cordon is a psycho?

  14. This is great do the mk ultra celebrities. If you haven't heard of mk ultra look it up Gunna blow you mind apart

  15. Corden used to post on his own IMDB forum, back when they had them. Obviously it was mostly people calling him an untalented cat funt, and he was always on there telling people he was a really nice guy and very talented but success had 'changed' him, and he'd learned his lesson, etc. He didn't come across well even back then and I would have taken screenshots if I'd known they were going to remove the forums.

    The only other celeb who used to post on their own forum (that I know of), was Michael Biehn. He was chill, respectful to fans, and seemed very appreciative of his career.

  16. Why does this guy make a career out of finding stuff to be angry about grow up

  17. That was truly epic! I never thought I would see Patrick Stewart dog walk anyone 👏👏👏

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