Norman Bates attacks the tram at the Bates Motel during the Universal Studios Hollywood studio tour.


10 thoughts on “Psycho at Bates Motel – Universal Studios Hollywood

  1. The last time I went, Norman wasn't there. Just a cutout of Anthony Perkins in the window.

  2. Thank you for clarifying that for me. I just saw some comments where people were talking about being rebuilt and not being the original or something like that.

  3. i always thought…what if a real psycho got in here killed the actor and came out looking like the actor but with a real knife and really attacked someone in the tram…trippy huh?
    *puffs some more*

  4. I love it how the speaker acts like it's such a surprise.
    "Don't worry, it's Norman Bates. Wait, wait, he has a body! GASP!"

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