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Roundtables are back! Tune in Monday, May 23rd for the premiere of The Hollywood Reporter’s 2016 Emmy Roundtable season, and every day after for new Roundtable videos. Who do you want to see on this season’s Roundtables? Tell us in the comments below!

The year’s most notable directors join for The Hollywood Reporter’s Writer Oscar Roundtable. The directors include Quentin Tarantino (‘The Hateful Eight’), Tom Hooper (‘The Danish Girl’), Alejandro G. Inarritu (‘The Revenant’), Ridley Scott (‘The Martian’), Danny Boyle (‘Steve Jobs’) and David O. Russell (‘Joy’).

‘The Hateful Eight’ stars Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Walton Goggins, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, and Bruce Dern. ‘The Danish Girl’ stars Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander, Amber Heard, and Ben Whishaw. ‘The Revenant’ stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Will Poulter, and Domhnall Gleeson. ‘The Martian’ stars Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Jeff Daniels, Kristen Wiig, Sebastian Stan, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Kate Mara. ‘Steve Jobs’ stars Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, and Jeff Daniels. ‘Joy’ stars Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Isabella Rosselini, Bradley Cooper, Virginia Madsen, Dascha Polanko, and Edgar Ramirez.

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49 thoughts on “Quentin Tarantino, Ridley Scott, Danny Boyle, & More Directors on THR's Roundtables I Oscars 2016

  1. Its far to expensive to go to the cinema i use to go every week now its a couple of times a year

  2. 9:15 Quentin's dead serious and the others just laugh b/c they're unaware of how mind-blowing & creative Jackie Chan's action scenes were in his prime.

  3. This interviewer is a complete jackass! David O. Russell was right in the middle of a story, and this dumb fuck just cuts him off. Wtf, dude? Show some respect.

  4. we have the director behind pulp fiction, django unchained and kill bill

    we have the director behind Alien, gladiator and blade runner

    and we have the director behind cats….

  5. We are not tired of sequels… Aliens, Ghostbusters 2, T2 were my favorite movies especially compared to the originals. We are tired of sloppily done sequels (and especially remakes) simply to make money off a IP.

  6. I stopped going to cinema because people are dirty smell bad, talk all the time during the movie and eat all the time in the dark. Butter on pop corn and Pepsi and Gods know what else.

    I can not just next next to someone in dark who smell bad and eat shitty food from the cinema .

  7. Isn't it kind of frowned upon for Directors to use other Directors scenes? When Ridley Scott said he used Kubericks sence at the end of bladeunner people looked shocked.

  8. I would love to read books by Tarantino on the history of the industry, the processes of filmmaking, etc. He's so knowledgeable, it'd be great to be able to learn from him outside of what can be picked up in interviews and from his films

  9. “Comedian now actress”
    Me: C’mon Ridley that’s a very vague and ambiguous description nobody’s gonna know——
    Quentin: Sarah Silverman movie?
    Me: Ok this man is one badass cinephile

  10. Ridley Scott seem like a pragmatic, visionary genius. Also a man’s man. For me he is above everyone in that room.

  11. Everything we need to this is another interviewer (of course) and more directors, like Tim Burton, George E. Romero, Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and Drake Van Gus, a movie director i created for fun.

  12. These people are intelligent AF ,
    I really would like to know what it's like to have a brain like that,

    And this is one of those vids where I didn't feel bored listening to people talk for an hour straight

  13. I just realized that, if they put Quentin and Martin Scorsese in a room they would talk til the end of time and there's no force that can stop them!

  14. I always watch these videos, so excited to hear all of these great people involved in film talk, but end up leaving the video maybe 5 minutes into it because of the FUCKING INTERVIEWER. Who is this guy, and why does he have such a huge list of questions that NEED TO BE ASKED AT THE WRONG TIMES??? Stop cutting off people when they talk, it definitely irritates them and it makes your viewers FURIOUS. I get it, you want to make sure we hear from each person and provide relatively the same amount of time per person, but please let everyone finish what they have to say. Fuck this guy.

  15. bro fire the host for sure he sucks and his questions are miserably boring. just let the directors talk, they are interesting enough on their own.

  16. How many death threats do you think Steven Galloway receives on a yearly basis? Lol A petition should be started to remove him from these round tables.

  17. I understand the idea behind having an interviewer ( as way of controlling the flow of the conversation) , but the guy is so annoying. He cuts them before they finish.

  18. Feel like they interviewer isn’t cutting them off, but the way they edited this they’re cutting some people’s answers short (but also ya he does cut people off too lol)

  19. Its over 40 dollars now for me and my girl to see a movie. Thats just for tickets! Its very sad because that was one of my favorite things to do, almost every week. Now its only on special occasions

  20. This is totally ruined by the presenter, I'm 8 minutes in and I give up….no one has had a chance to finish a single point. Asshole.

  21. Yo I swear yall have some weird bieas or something going on in these videos yall cut my guy sitting next to tarantino off when he was really getting into a great point about the film industry and the commmon man

  22. Is there a reason to go to the cinema – YES…. listening to Ridley Scott there.. i can sit down for the night on Netflix, and there's tons of shit……. and sadly I've sat through it…. so yes there is every reason to take you lazy teenage self to the cinema (or as I used to take my girlfriend out….. to the cinema)

  23. Quentin Tarantino pretty much gives a rather simple explanation here for why he's only making 10 movies or whatever. He's probably going to jump to TV.

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