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Radio Disney shutting DOWN this month.

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14 thoughts on “Radio Disney shutting DOWN this month.

  1. y’all my bad they actually fully shut down three months ago i misread 😭


  2. Wild. I had no idea they were still around this long.

    Once radio disney came to my elementary school for some reason. They gave us Jonas Brothers on DVD as prizes. This post just unearthed a memory I completely forgot I had.

  3. I remember growing up listening to this and artists like Aaron Carter, Justin Timberlake, and more. I won a few cool prizes off the radio too. Made me so ecstatic to win even though they legit told me the correct answer off air.

    But there was a lot of garbage they would play like 50s and 60s pop songs of the Hamster Dance.

    Sad to see it go.

  4. The only time I listened to radio Disney was Radio Disney In-Flight…. Which means it wasn’t radio.

  5. Who was listening to this garbage other than tween girls in the first place.

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