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Hosted by Happy Hobbits!

Thanks to Peter Jackson, Warner Bros and WaterTowerMusic for the amazing experience!


13 thoughts on “RAW Footage: Hobbit BOTFA Premiere Hollywood

  1. You guys have no idea how happy this made me. I was having a really bad afternoon, and I started watching this, and now I'm just really, really happy.

  2. I want to become an interviewer just to go to things like this and meet people

  3. Hi from Germany!!

    Isn't it nice how Manu Bennett  talks about me??   Yes i was over the moon (still am) and yes, he did change my life!!!
    And that he is smiling so much while talking of this most incredible evening in my life makes me so happy!! 


  4. Anyone know if somewhere there are the videos of the moments when they do the photos all togheter? Or when take the photos of the lotr reunion?

  5. I loved that Lee Pace* and Orlando Bloom remembered Kellie and Alex from the "Hobbitception" video. They both were cool. 
    *Thanks to DutchJWG for letting me know that I originally  said Luke Evans when I meant Lee Pace 

  6. Really fun, creative questions! I really appreciate you uploading this 🙂

  7. well thank you for letting us join the event via stream. Ive watched it online, cried and laughed the same time with the people, felt like i was there waiting on the line even though i was at home in my comfy bed while u guys standing there. Cheers from Turkey, our fellowship will never fail, thank you again theonering!

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