Here are some of the things we learned about conflict resolution from Ray J.

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37 thoughts on “Ray J vs. Teairra Marí, Princess, A1 & More | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood | #AloneTogether

  1. J-Boog was telling the truth. Ray-J is seriously problematic with everybody it seems.

  2. That weak ass comment Tierra spit out at Ray was a pitiful lie. Anyone who has seen his sex tape KNOWS that he’s packing down there! “Hold on working with a monster”. And Hazel’s face came a LONG way…

  3. Ray J kinda destroyed Teaira that was the start of her downfall and from there every guy felt like they can disrespect her and on NATIONAL TV AND SOCIAL MEDIA at that. She’s been getting better tho I’m still rooting for her you can tell she got a good heart, she beautiful and talented asf !!!!

  4. that jboog scene is mad embarrassing bc he basically said they not gon sell w/o omarion

  5. I cant tell the difference between the females and Ray. That boy (and i use boy lightly) got older in age each year, but mentally is still a baby boy. n when he coked up he can barely open his jaw, cant stand that nasally way he talk….

  6. Okay. (Lesbia)honest. A1 is a closeted bisexual or gay 😂
    Ray J should've got beaten for acting like he was gonna swing on Yesi. She kept it chill wit a dude in her face like that.
    "That's why i'm on probation cuz of bitches like you"… So you hit women who don't agree with you?…
    Lol mk.

  7. When people show you who they really are, believe them. Hopefully if nothing else someone who is in a toxic relationship sees how ray j acts towards every female in his life short his mother and sister and realizes it’s not okay. Ray is to quick to want to try and fight any and everybody probably cause can’t no body take his ass seriously.

  8. Ray J is a whole female! I fight boys like him that don't have respect for women and don't respect like a queen. And out of all females who gets into it with Yesi? She's so calm and collective. What a walking tampon he is 👙💄👠👗👛💋

  9. Dude I'm not into this just stumbled because I'm bored. My goodness he's a female. He has strong girly ways smh

  10. Peep how these r almost ALL WOMEN like always wanna fight with women fa what 💁‍♀️😭

  11. Damn Ray J was out of line for that Ray 2K thing. And Hazel E nose was bigger than her face she look good now though

  12. First of all Ray J dont need to talk about anybody's singing career cause for one he cant sing a SECONDLY he sure didn't get rich by his singing career, at least B2k had a real career and went on tour!!

  13. When TT said to Ray "and your d**k is small" 😂😂 ummm ok TT. We know u mad but don't lie girl.

  14. Ray now you know not to mess with my boo j-boog, your songs was not really hitting that much like b2k was, b2k was my favorite and still to this days I still have their posters and etc and their music was POPPING way more than yours mr. one wish

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