The “Real Husbands Of Hollywood True Music Soundtrack” is a HOT compilation of music and artists featured in the 1st season of the hit BET series. As Kevin Hart says….”You want it…you got it”! This album has hit after hit. You’ll be swagged out and turned up through the summer bumpin’ the hot, club jams “Welcome To Hollywood” (“Real Husbands Of Hollywood” theme song) and “Photo Shoot” (featuring future “Artist of the Year” D’Anna Stewart with rap allstar Busdriver) to the straight up bangers “Firefighter” (LBC’s Dre Infinite) and “Bang Bang” (Pimp Da Pen aka John Wayne)…..these artists are killin’ it!

Though the absolute break out heater on this soundtrack is the Kevin Hart Smash “I Ain’t No Mitch” featuring T.J. Atrillion. You’ll be second guessing your own Mitchassness when Kevin lays into the track and answers the question: “Who’s the biggest Mitch”? Kevin also lets you know exactly what he thinks as he drops in on the Ramoj Eroc jam “Mitches Do That”. So, if you is… or if you ain’t a Mitch get ready for the hottest soundtrack of all time…..”Real Husbands of Hollywood True Music Soundtrack”.

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