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In the premiere of our ReForm series, we explore the frontier of the 3D face- and body scanning technology used to create digital doubles for films, video games, and holograms. We meet some of the scanned humans, their avatars, and get to understand the challenges the Institute For Creative Technologies has had to overcome in their quest to create a photo-realistic virtual person, including the conquering of the Uncanny Valley.

In ReForm, a new franchise from The Creators Project, we meet the artists creating and re-appropriating the latest technologies in various areas of creative expression.

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20 thoughts on “ReForm | Hollywood's Digital Clones

  1. idk you can tell cgi the difference in every movie.slecially movies with real people dealing with cgi versions of humans

  2. Demons of Hollywood are hell bent on covering their crimes by claiming video of them in blackmailing situations is FAKE.
    And one just said "Brave New World".

  3. How many celebrities or people in the limelight have died, yet kept the image alive that we don't know about? All in the name of keeping the profits going year after year. People's sixth sense is usually pretty sharp and they are talking about it when their is no physical person present but in the media they are.

  4. All Clones synthetic Humans Androids robotoids organic robotoids soulless artificial Soul beings lack the ability to incarnate can't enter the spiritual realms are not eternal beings and will cease to exist when they die good riddance

  5. They targeted me closely clones are pure evil look like humans but trained for criminal ACTIVITY.Clones are everywhere now they have a slight offense no empathy creatures. Scientists are demons playing Hod maki g fake humans for criminal ACTIVITY, lock all Science up they demons

  6. Would AI be considered a person if they seemed capable of independent thought and emotion? Would they have rights? Would switching them off be the same as killing them and would that be wrong? At what point does an artificial person just become a person? How many roads must a machine walk down before you can call him a man?

  7. The blonde lady, what a psychopath and she actually thinks her smile hides it.

  8. for me its always the eyes that look off, the movement kind of, but as they say, the eyes are the window to the soul, and if the eyes are off on these things, everything looks off

  9. Actors should all be required to take a scan,
    as an insurance, in case they die mid-shooting.

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