I had to remove so much decor from the unit in order to (hopefully) get some of my deposit back. Cross your fingers lol


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22 thoughts on “Returning my West Hollywood Apartment to NORMAL

  1. Girl – I don’t have an issue with the original fixtures in a home, for example my house is very 1970’s with a real wood panel wall and velvet wallpaper on a focal point wall which matched my eclectic aesthetic – as they are still good quality; however, they should at the very least MAINTAIN THEM. Like, the closet and everything is probably well made but they need to actually take care of them. Especially since they would never invest in making the cabinets as well built as they are currently like to be serious.

    Anyways, you’ll have to keep us posted on the damage deposit! Ha ha ha!

  2. Sisi! I just moved and need to cover up paint damage. I took the flaked off paint and color matched it at home depot, you can get a good size sample pot for $4! Just a tip for the next place

  3. The place looks better now without all the clutter of horrific tacky shit everywhere

  4. Please do a new apartment tour!! I would love to see how u transform a plain apartment to a bright pink classic fantasy land 😆😆

  5. Can’t wait to see your new place! Stop using your nails as tools, naughty girl!💅🏻 jewels not tools😉

  6. Damn you made so many changes to a rental. I don't think I'd ever invest like that just to have to take it all back down. Good on you

  7. Please tell me you didn’t leave the dresser!! I remember that from the old house in the boutique

  8. Did they kept your deposit because the walls were painted? When I left my last apartment, all the walls had to be white

  9. Awwwww feel like it's me moving, omg I got a little emotional when you and the doggies walked out the door, so lovely of you to share this with us, that's why I love you and this channel so much, you just keep it so real and upfront and honest with us and I truly appreciate that, on to your next chapter, I wish you so much blessings and best wishes in this new apartment SiSi🙏🌸💐🍾🥂💖💞💕👍🏽👏🏼😍❤️

  10. Beautiful apartment. So excited for you to start your next chapter and can’t wait to see your new home. 😘✌️

  11. I literally loved this place so much! plz do moving and decorating vlogs, u have the best taste!!!

  12. Can't wait to see the new apartment! You did so much with this apartment to make it your own and I am sooo excited to see what you design in your new place.

  13. Good luck with your move! Can’t wait to see the new place. You didn’t need to paint the walls back to white before you left?

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