This is a Revenge of the Mummy coaster vid from Universal studios Hollywood! Quality isn’t that great, and most of the ride is in the dark, so, bare with me. I used a digi camera for this. But, I recently got a cam-corder. I will record a higher quality video soon. Enjoy.


28 thoughts on “Revenge of the Mummy (Hollywood)

  1. The very first Revenge of the Mummy video that was uploaded to YouTube.

  2. what happened to the original ending? it was so much better!! I wish they should change it!

  3. @ofelixdacat From my understanding, people didn't understand the faux flame effects and didn't like having smoke blown directly into their faces. I like the idea of the smoke being blown behind you then you turn, but there's nothing to really look at now and just be blinded by the light.

  4. Arguing on the internet ain't it great. LMAO taking the nieces next week cant wait. jja

  5. The one in Orland is WAY BETTER than the one in Hollywood. I would know because I rode both.

  6. no. Your the guys that dont explore other parks. Cali does not suck. We have Universal Studios HOLLYWOOD, Disneyland, SIX FLAGS MAGIC MOUNTAIN (X2 Best ride ever), ect. YOu guys suck.

  7. i benn on that its funn huw.whenits gose fast its more funner huw its not scary

  8. is the imotept guy on the ledge an actor or is that on a screen or something?

  9. this has to be the best ride there ever!! I didn't know it went backwards, so I pretty much was freaking out at that point, but it was awesome!

  10. omg.. thank you so much for this! i've been looking for the old ending everywhere. 5/5

  11. This is the ride that took away my fears in roller coasters. It is a fun ride, and I went at it again when a relative of mines came and we rode it.

  12. I agree but the thing is on this one you have to get a front seat to really expernice the full effect of his ride because of the things that go on in the front

  13. yeah, this ride is one of my top personal faves, and i definitely think this ride is better than the florida version, thanks for uploading!

  14. wooo yea hollywood all the way the emotip looks so much better than the orlando one ..i like it how he is on top and and then you launch hahahah the clothes look awsome they put more detail into him =)

  15. hehe i went on it in 2005 it was so fun!

    but i HATED going backwards at 35mph in the dark in a scary cave after almost being burnt alive by fire and eaten by scarabs

    lol its a really cool ride though

  16. can someone tell me the difference between the two? ive only been on the hollywood one.

  17. man this hollywood version sucks big time compare to the orlando version! i took my family this past week and was expected it to be the same! must say a disapointment

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