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The lovely Kristen over at Pop Harbor sent me a couple of Funko Hollywood Pops from her recent trip. I’m so excited to get a closer look at these. Thank you Pop Harbor for sending these pops my way!

Don’t forget to check out Pop Harbor: https://www.instagram.com/pop_harbor

& for full reviews of Funko Hollywood check out

Wasatch Pop’s Review:

Box Attack’s Review:

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19 thoughts on “Reviewing Funko Hollywood Pops!

  1. I’m so behind lol didn’t know they build a funko Hollywood store. I’m actually going to Universal studios/Hollywood in the fall.

  2. I really like the new Freddy Funko Hollywood and the new Hollywood version of Chester Cheetah

  3. Maylein marone I need I love her but would love the one with flowing skirt

  4. What an excellent gift/trade. My sweetie & I will be visiting there during SDCC, as we're going again this year, so I'm looking forward to that. We go to the Funko HQ in Washington almost every week or two as one of his businesses is located in Washington so, well we're there, we might as well drop in and see what's new… Have a great weekend my dear.

  5. What a great friend! I’m excited about the upcoming Marilyn Monroe Pop whith the iconic white dress

  6. Those are very cool pops, hopefully me too can go there to the hollywood store and experience it for myself. Looks like a very fun time 👍🏼

  7. Awesome pops congrats, HQ is only 4:30 hrs away from where I'm but could not find the time to go down there. I keep saying next week and next week but something always comes up. Awesome video 👍😎

  8. great video! i did the same thing with geoffrey as batman, went out and bought a bunch of them and sent them all out to people in the states who couldn’t get them. I absolutely love the justice league display they have at hollywood funko pure awesomeness 😁

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