Ricky Gervais DEFENDS free speech & DESTROYS Cancel Culture! Woke Hollywood is ANGRY with him!


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44 thoughts on “Ricky Gervais DEFENDS Free Speech & DESTROYS Cancel Culture! Woke Hollywood is ANGRY With Him!

  1. We don't deserve Ricky Gervais, but we're damn sure lucky to have him! By the way, Josiah I may not agree with a lot of the things you say, but it's to good hear other opinions and ideas. Keep up the good work!

  2. He’s British, they are straight forward and they don’t care. The US media is beginning to influence the people over the pond though.

  3. Some people don’t even have to wait for you to say something, you offend them just because you breathe air. So…..

  4. "To anger a conservative, lie to him! To anger a liberal, tell him the truth." -Theodore Roosevelt

  5. Jesus said there comes a time when offense happens woe unto those who cause the offense. People who get offended always want to harm the offender in some way or another.


  7. Ricky should plug the fact that it should be called "LEFTIST CANCER CULTURE"
    It is more appropriate because leftist thought and mentality is like an insidious cancer working it's way into our civilisation infecting it with lunatic theories .

  8. The Duke of Wellington was once bullied by a newspaper for an affair he had with a woman in society.
    His response "Publish and be damned."
    People need to stop judgement of others when they themselves are far from perfect. If ones first reaction is to judge negatively, all it shows is they don't know how to apply empathy.

  9. Problem today is no one wants to take personal responsibility. They hide behind groups to justify their actions.

  10. as AUSTRIAN i learnd about fashism since elementry school and i saw it in so many different forms-> CANCELCULTURE IS PURE MILENNIAL-FASHISM!!!

  11. This video offends me. In all seriousness, his statement about anything that could be said offending SOMEONE is the heart of why it leads to fascism of silence: It is REDUCTIVE to the point where in the end, there will be no language and no one can say a single word about anything. We will all walk around like automatons, speechless, except for the one-world leader telling us what to do. (Walking it to the extremist end, like a dystopian movie. But look around, Dystopia has started.)

  12. According to the Liberal Elite "Hate Speech" is Violence.
    "Hate Speech" is whatever "Triggers or Offends the "Liberals".
    "Hate Speech" is Violence and therefore a Criminal Offence.
    Recently I saw "Silence is Violence" and therefore also a Criminal Offence.
    So according to these so called "Liberals" the only Lawful course of action that remains is to actively and vocally, agree and comply with everything they say.
    Their words and definitions become Law.
    There is nothing "Liberal" about what they are doing.
    In fact they are using Text Book Propaganda Techniques and behaving like Fascists and Dictators. 1984

  13. SJWs and leftists are trying to create a twisted dystopian amalgamation of 1984, Brave New World, Nazi Germany & the USSR.

  14. It is a marxist tactic, one of many: Accuse others of what you yourself are guilty of
    People need to research marxist doctrine.
    Look up, Yuri Bezmenov's warning to America, and The Frankfurt School of Critical Theory
    Cancel culture, SJW, LGBTblablah, Changeing language, etc etc they are all tools.
    Or not, idc, but you will be shocked if you do.

  15. a friend of mine got slammed on Facebook and almost shut down for 30 days like I often do, cuz she used the term, a benign term, midget. Someone said that's horrific language to use about little people, and that it's "hate speech". I told my friend to never ever ever, listen to people and their opinions.

  16. ……. Cancel culture. =. POLITICALLY CORRECT MACARTHYISM. (and the hell with the current state of BLM)

  17. Never really liked the guy but like Trump he’s rapidly becoming a someone I HIGHLY respect

  18. Truth is not an attack. Reality is not Rrrrrrrrracist. You don't like my opinions…that's a You problem not a Me problem. You are not that special. The world doesn't revolve around you. Suck it up. Deal.

  19. You have to think the haters at the core must be fans otherwise why use their time watching and take the time to respond

  20. "Just because your offended dosen't mean your right". Especially when you are offended by everything, as so many people are these days. Last year when I was walking into a Wal-Mart in my town, some lunatic came up to me and started swearing at me over a shirt I was wearing that said "free speech zone". So he was basically using free speech to take issue with free speech, and that is about as hypocritical as someone can get. The hypocrites who get offended by free speech only want free speech for themselves, because they are intellectually bankrupt cowards with no arguments against opposing views!

  21. Don't think many more will speak. Gervais only got a platform to voice his opinions because as a leftist he wasn't deplatformed in first place. Also helps that being British he is a bit free of have to take a stance against or pro Trump.

  22. Josiah loves free speech..unless you’re a Democrat, an athlete, an actor, anyone he disagrees with, then you need to shut the hell up.

  23. Gervais isn't more of an advocate than Americans, he's just getting a little exposure… Americans are knowing this and saying it amongst ourselves ever second of every day it's just not allowed to be expressed via the Zionist Minority Dictatorship that owns MSM, social media, publishing, Hollywood, FED, music industry etc.

  24. i like to watch your videos. But those video games make me dizzy. i watch the videos for you not video games.

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