Ricky Gervais SLAMS Woke Hollywood AGAIN: People Are Tired of Hypocrisy!


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30 thoughts on “Ricky Gervais SLAMS Woke Hollywood AGAIN: People Are Tired of Hypocrisy!

  1. Funny thing….Gervais is a Lefty. He does however have one thing most Hollywood Libs don't. A brain.

  2. Here's what they don't understand. Unless we are paying for you to entertain us we do not care about what you have to say! Right now they are unable to make entertainment so stop talking! It's so conceited of them to think anything they say will be relevant to us or that we care what they think at all.

  3. Hollywood is satanic if you want to make it to the top you gotta make sacrifice more and more people are waking up everyday return of JFK JR! WWG1WGA

  4. The only person in Hollywood speaking the truth and they hate him for it, it’s only a matter of time before they silence him so enjoy it while you can

  5. 1:27 we were assailed by the corp analogue to BLM on a nearly daily basis during the riots. It was infuriating. People on my own team were telling us that "silence is ****ism". Absolutely disgusting. Watching him get uncomfortable is not even remotely close to what his employees have been feeling for the past 2 months, during the George Kirby riots.

  6. Sadly so many refuse to see the hypocrisy and just keep living off the leftists playbook.. . .line for line.

  7. I despise the actresses, who were over 18 at the time,who WILLINGLY had sex,not rape,with someone to further their career then,yrs later,cry out they are a victim…

  8. But don`t forget the liberal lying hypocrites in the house of reps. saying they are "So" against a wall at the border & they live in huge mansions with high fences & walls! Yes, that includes you Nancy Dumbassy!!

  9. I never watch the golden globes but I could hit myself for missing this he was great everyone is sick of all the crap, I refuse to watch the news I will not go to the shows anymore

  10. I imagine he is just saying what a lot of them are thinking. They have to play the part of being woke or they will get canceled and no longer work.

  11. Lefty/Progressive/Democrats ruin absolutely everything they get involved in. People are starting to see this. It will take some more time, but hopefully these halfwits learn to see this. People in Dem run states are suffering miserably from this ideology. Election time might be a good time to remember this.

  12. I've been waiting for that big earthquake to break California into the ocean and sink!

  13. Love this Guy!!! But hypocrites from Hollywood now choose soft liberals Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to replace Ricky……yawn, I am already asleep. Ratings continuing to plunge for these Leftist LOSERS. Tune out Hollywood and the self righteous Award Shows.

  14. I wonder why these celebs use WOKE. They can't even wake up against the Pedophiles in their community.

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