Robert Pattinson talks with Access Hollywood about his role in “The Lighthouse,” which has major Oscars buzz! He says he “underestimated the audience’s desire for sea shanty madness.” He also talks about how he thinks the film is “so well written.” “The Lighthouse” is in theaters now
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42 thoughts on “Robert Pattinson On Oscar Buzz & 'Sea Shanty Madness' That Occurs In 'The Lighthouse'

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  2. There's that one part of his hair that he can't get to stay out of his face lol.

  3. The Lighthouse looks incredible! I can't wait to see it!

    As a HUGE DC, DCEU, Batman, Superman, Justice League, and Zack Snyder fan, though I'm excited to see Matt Reeves and your take as Batman, Zack Snyder's and Ben Affleck's are my favorite version.

    I know you won't disappoint, and you'll pull it off, just as I knew Ben Affleck would and did when he was first cast as Batman.

    I am a little concerned, though. What did you mean when you said Batman's voice is kind of a piracy voice… Oh, like a pirate's voice?!

    Rrrrr… Me hartys…

    I don't know about that, UNLESS there's a loud, deep growl in the voice, like a pirate.

    That, combined with a voice modulator, would be ABSOLUTELY HORRIFYING and TERRIFYING!!!

    I'm ALL for gritty, scary, dark for the Batman character.

    You may be onto something with the "pirate" Batman voice. Though I in NO WAY see Batman as a pirate, IF you have a loud, deep, growl, grovely voice, the ggrrrr… Like a pirate WITH a voice modulator, that could work. A dark, deep, growl of a voice, like maybe Christian Bale's and Ben Affleck's voice combined with a voice modulator… That'd be freaky. For a bad guy, thug, criminal to hear that at midnight or 4:00 am in the morning in a dark alley and / or a room without lights, oh yeah, Batman puts FEAR in his and gotham's enemies.

    Let's hear it!!! 😎

  4. I HOPE he’s joking about being really gravelly and gritty like Willem’s is in The Lighthouse. I really don’t want another Bale situation. Out of all the live action Batmen, Michael Keaton still has the best Batman voice.

  5. I've been a fan of Rob's since he WAS a kid and have so enjoyed watching his career skyrocket. No one deserves an Oscar more! He's an extremely talented actor and all-around good human being.

  6. I love how throughout his whole career, he has never had an ego. He's still the same as he's always been. Always humble and reserved. Even when Twilight was huge and even with these amazing performances he's put out, still a classy well mannered guy. Loved his performance in Lighthouse and I can't wait for his next projects. Tenet and Batman!

  7. I really thought Robert Pattinson should have been nominated for Good Time. He is soooo good in that movie. I remember he got Oscar buzz for that and than nothing happen. So we’ll see.

  8. I also felt Pattinson's pain when he dropped a joke about going mad and the interviewer just moved on without noticing it.

  9. "Was that the laugh?" Well, the interviewer can't tell apart Joker and Batman.

  10. Nothing personal! But every time I saw your face! Its make me lot of angry! Twice warned me to hunt him down! 3rd warned actually not good for him and I'm really sorry TM! And Robert I'm sorry! I mean you and between that Stewart girl. I'm sorry!

  11. Smile hair eyes fingers are damn looking I will never missed any update video of Robert

  12. Wow I'm so impress by Robert. He really seems like a nice guy, who basically loves his job. I was well not that convinced at the beginning with the Batman casting, but now, guess I am very intrigued by it.

  13. He breaks into falsetto when asked to do a Batman voice hahahaha Are we expecting a high-pitched Batman this time around? That would be cool but not respectable hahahaha

  14. Fishing village lol Yarmouth is quite a lovely town I know I live here! I must say Willem Dafoe was a huge presence in our town shopping at the stores ! Speaking to everyone what a very nice man .

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