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Many actors have retreated from the spotlight over the years, sometimes setting the stage for a big comeback, and sometimes never to return. Whether a star has an illustrious résumé or is known for a single iconic role, taking on the wrong part can be the final nail in an acting career’s coffin. Here are some roles that made actors quit Hollywood for good…

Peter Ostrum in Willy Wonka and the Charlie Factory | 0:20
Jake Lloyd in The Phantom Menace | 1:04
Jaye Davidson in The Crying Game | 1:58
Carrie Henn in Aliens | 2:47
Heather Donahue in The Blair Witch Project | 3:51
Sean Connery in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen | 4:51

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39 thoughts on “Roles That Made Actors Quit Hollywood For Good

  1. I enjoyed The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Not Connery's best by any means, but thoroughly watchable I thought.

  2. It's not the film's, but it's the sinister acts they have to indulge in offset courtesy of the sicc twisted demonic Elites…

  3. There was nothing wrong with the Phantom Menace. Some acting issues, okay possibly, but it is better than the newer Star Wars. Aliens was by far the best (though Alien could possibly be better). Again, there were acting issues, which I think were also character issues in creating the whole story, as they seem to be incompetent as soldiers, but they are not bad movies. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was not a bad movie either. Pretty cool ideas in it. What I consider the best movie is John Carpenter's The Thing. No movie has even come a million miles to it. It sucks no one wants to make a sequel.

  4. I agree with Sean Connery they have forgotten how to make good movies. They have turned from entertainment to promoting SJW agendas. How do they put it the woke generation who knows I am not part of it.

  5. heathers role wasnt what made her quit, if she lasted 10 more years….

  6. Phantom menace is best star wars movie of all of them. People just dont know how to think for themselves

  7. I like the league of extraordinary gentlemen I always thought it was a good movie and that alien movie was my favorite of the alien movies

  8. Please get someone else to narrate these. It sounds like you have your jaws clamped shut and are spitting whilst trying to talk. It's heavy going. Seriously.

  9. Biggest loss to the acting world from this video? Carrie Henn, she would have gone on to big things had she continued.

  10. sean connery – "im tired of idiots"…*turns around to produce and voice act literal garbage..

  11. Am I crazy or does Henn look like she could be Weaver's daughter? Look at her mouth.

  12. Heather Donahue was on a Major UFO mini-series TAKEN by Steven Speilberg in 2002 opposite Dakota Fanning she was doing fine

  13. LEague of extrodinary gentlemen was also the directors last film. he quit hollywood. Shame, because he made blade.

  14. HW is harsh; they try to squeeze blood out of a turnip all the time w-people. I left it for good in 2002

  15. Honestly, Sean Connery was getting old! I can't see him making too many movies beyond what he did. I don't think that stopped him from making films. I think he was OLD. Big difference.

  16. It wasn't baby darth vader that ruined the movie. It was Jar Jar. He was meant to be comic relief to children and it failed miserably.

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