Rose McGowan gets red pilled and wakes up to the media’s hypocrisy!


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30 thoughts on “Rose McGowan Gets Red Pilled & Wakes Up to Hollywood Hypocrisy!

  1. To think that this lady Rose McGowan as a CO actress for many years was on the show Charmed and none other than Alyssa Milano with her co-host one of them it's hilarious how they started together for a few seasons on that show, and then in recent years they have not gotten along at all they actually despise each other

  2. Josiah, great segment. I really appreciate when someone challenges my thinking.
    On one hand, I believe I know what Rose is going through. When you lose faith in your foundations, it can be devastating. I lost my respect for my governments (both major parties) as I realised they did not uphold what I believe to be integrity. Their contempt for my nation really shook me. When you believe in your nation but your leaders (on both sides) don’t… that’d devastating.
    However, Rose McGowan is the devil, so to speak. She is a major reason why domestically violent mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters, and daughters are guaranteed a free pass. She knew of the Amber Heards of this world but turned a blind eye because her moral compass doesn’t point north. If the victim was a little boy and the abuser his mother, Rose and her Metoo said “believe women”. The person who championed that was scum, total scum. Now she doesn’t like it. She still won’t condemn dv women because Rose is … well, I’ll be polite. She’s not my cup of tea. I will fight the Rose McGowans and Amber Heards and anyone else who covers up for violent and mentally abusive people of either sex.
    However, Johiah, to his credit, doesn’t only look at what Rose has done. He looks at what she can do. Whilst Rose has inflicted significant damage on many victims of abuse and enabled many violent and abusive people, she can repent, she can undo monumental volumes of damage that she championed.
    And I believe Rose is going through a difficult time. If she can correct what many consider to be the most intolerant period of history they’ve seen (as I do: the last decade is easily the most hateful I’ve ever seen first hand) then she can finally be a force to stop violence rather than enable it.
    I do not wish on Rose what she has thrust on so many others. Imagine If she can correct the damage she’s done? I just find it very hard to forgive her when I know how many people have suffered and died (including suicide) because of her Metoo

  3. A proud Democrat?
    Ask any Democrat who voted against the 13th and 14th ammendment which abolished slavery?
    Ask any Democrat who created the Jim Crowe segregation laws?
    Democrats today have illegal immigrants to use as slaves..

  4. It's not hipocracy if you're a Luciferian..
    Lying is just a tactical maneuver…

  5. She took the money
    Other woman got hurt
    Then when she needed more attn and told to do it
    She didnt even ho or her word
    So many woman were hurt

  6. Trying is Lying. Drop that word. They either do or they don’t. Fact is they have had control. We are presently in the process of eliminating that control by exposing it for the influence (power) they have had over our minds and our lives. ❤️

  7. Maybe Democrats should do a study in history about their fuckin party! Party of SLAVERY, CIVIL WAR, KKK, JIM CROW, SEGREGATION, ECT ECT! OATH KEEPERS of AMERICA/ SONS and DAUGHTERS of LIBERTY! UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL! One NATION under GOD by WE the PEOPLE! AMEN!

  8. Don't trust her. They are, and were all actors. They stay actors. Characters who play a role, they are not real people, they are actors and acting. They are all fake and fakers/ actors.

  9. I've always found her to be a very fragile person posing as a warrior, so.. I'm holding my fire on her. I don't kick those on the floor.

  10. 🤨 🤔 hmmm, guess she deserves a morsel of cred for at least always (seemingly) being honest with what she believes in and as someone long considered hardline leftwing, is now speaking out against the left which has unicorn rarity levels.

    Prob I see is she’s always been somewhat a basketcase and that jus doesn’t change overnight regardless of a 180 in political beliefs. Funny she only sees others as “bad guys” when it affects “her,” “her” causes, “her” values and beliefs. But hey, she’s is a woman afterall and besides selfishness in reasonable amounts is a perfectly healthy and normal survival mechanism…

    But a truly sane, rational and decent person would be able to exercise a good amount of discernment and objectivity and call out a long pattern of crap behavior regardless if said crap behavior might’ve been working to provide u and ur group with certain advantages over others.

    Still on the fence about ole Rose, basketcase yes but she’s still well known (if not for the best of reasons) and her “redpilling” may provide for a good tool in unplugging other blue pilled human batteries still having their minds and souls being siphoned by this insidious real world Matrix 😎

    In either case, will admit it is hilarious watching someone who was such a self assured ferocious zealot having their entire worldview and reality being deconstructed and shattered in real time 🍿

  11. People aren't stupid…….even the brainwashed idiots are waking up to the bullshit Democratic party… can only tell so many lies before your web of deceit collapses upon itself

  12. Fact is I don’t have much faith in either party especially when it comes to career politicians.. one is probably as bad as the other. I choose to be republican because they seem to hold the same values as a party that I do. At least for now they do. There was a time I thought I might be a democrat but that was fairly short lived. I’m talking about the Kennedy era of politics.. it wasn’t long after that I changed my mind but the would have to wait until after Nixon.. my actual red pill era was Reagan that’s when I knew who I was. In the years since I proved to myself I was right Bush was questionable ( both of them actually) but republican values did not change so I continue to fly the flag and stand at the star spangled banner

  13. Maybe rose heard that arrests are going on…? And as now taken the red pill…? Will see..can not hide..

  14. I just watched a story on her, she apparently was in a sex slavery cult in Hollywood. She got out, goes way back to charmed. Thats why she is struggling.

  15. A lot of people see it could be better and it never gets there. Sorry you are sad, but thanks for the big tities.

  16. Rose McGowan was raised in a CULT called the Children of God. They are known for adult-child sex. She says she was raised to be a “proud democrat”. WTF? Does she associate being a democrat with pedophilia?

  17. If I may continue the Matrix line of thought, Rose. Your eyes hurt because you’ve never used them. Waking up is hard. I wish you the best.

  18. All the left can do is project. Imagine being so woke that you think that the people who just want to be left alone and the government kept out of their pockets are the cult, but not all the people who say things like "we are one", and "you're one of us". Give me a break. Glad to see more Hollyweirds waking up though

  19. Aww I remember my own red pilling. It was not a fun experience but I am much happier now that my life is not based on lies. She will be ok. She will be shocked at how different she is in a year from now.

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