Watch #RRR Director SS #Rajamouli About Copying Scenes From Hollywood Movies

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14 thoughts on “RRR Director SS Rajamouli About Copying Scenes From Hollywood Movies | Unseen Video | Manastars

  1. Creativity leni vadey copy chesthadu.
    Copy chesina gani proper ga present chesthada rajamouli

  2. Most copied director in world but film certificate board has to make plagricism

  3. nobody comes up with his own the way he presents is good. i like rajamounli sir a lot.

  4. I can't watch his movies more than once.. Infact I hate to watch them again..

  5. Copying is there in every fields. Code copy, construction copy,film scenes copy etc

  6. Who are saying copy cat try to shoot a short film atleast you will have a right to say that other wise please keep your mouth shut and watch tollywood movies

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