The cast and creators of HOLLYWOOD detail casting the complex characters in pursuit of the Hollywood dream. Dive deeper into how the actors stellar performances command the screen to form an unparalleled revision of this Golden Age.


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Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood: The Golden Age Reimagined | Casting Famous/Infamous Characters | Netflix

In post-World War II Hollywood, an ambitious group of aspiring actors and filmmakers will do almost anything to make their showbiz dreams come true.


22 thoughts on “Ryan Murphy's Hollywood: The Golden Age Reimagined | Casting Famous/Infamous Characters | Netflix

  1. with all the hype on marketing on this limited series and yet it was kinda major let down. Wasn't bad, but wasn't good either.

  2. This show started off with a good start, but it all turned to sh!t when half way through. This was completely unrealistic.

  3. Archie Coleman, portrayed by Jeremy Pope, owned my heart the second he stepped in the show. Admired his confidence and wit. Cried seeing him helpless and rightly outraged. And celebrated his achievements and success.
    My boy Jeremy has so much talent and potential and he's just getting started on TV!

  4. I like the show … but the last part of it was to lasy .. easy way outs to an happy ending

  5. Such a great, good-looking cast, but everyone else is so talented that the weaker actors, Laura and David, come across as stilted and even awkward at times.

  6. If this gets a Season 2, please give Samara a better material to work on. She is a very talented actress but she wasnt able to show it in the show. Also, more Jeremy and Jake. Rock and Archie were my stand outs in the show.

  7. I liked the show, but I think is overrated. The last 3 episodes felt super rushed, is almost like the creators intended to make more episodes but changed their minds during production.

  8. this truly is an amazing show. this makes me feel so much closer to those i used to have in my life who are from this era.

  9. So hows about that season 2 announcement? And more episodes. Season 1's story felt sorta rushed

  10. The portrayal of Rock Hudson was awful. It made him look like a complete a buffoon.

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