Sanja Hays (episode 11)
directed by Sakis Lalas
interviews by Valentina De Giorgi
Produced by TheDarkCandy

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Sanja Hays is one of the most popular costume designers.
She’s behind the costumes of the most fascinating super hero of the fantasy/sci-fi movies history: Captain Marvel.

And what’s so fascinating about Captain Marvel? Definitely not the fact that she is a beautiful woman, strong like a man (stronger than a man!). This is really about her – Carol Danvers, a fighter pilot, a rock girl, a Nine Inch Nails fan – being a real badass: each time she falls, she shall rise again. And when she gets really angry she becomes deadly.

While breaking all the cliches of the super woman super sexy, she doesn’t loose even a ounce of her femininity in her gold-blue-red suit and in her super grunge outfits that seem to have come straight out of that S/S 1993 Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis collection.

The credit belongs to her, Sanja Hays, the costume designer that, after working on a lot of male-dominated action and sci-fi movies, helped to give life to the superhero with which all of us women can – and want – to identify ourselves: cool and fashion.

Just like her, Sanja, classy and with an innate sense of fashion. She grew up with fashion, after all: her grandma was a seamstress and she learned how to sew when she was six years old.

And she is in love with cinema since forever.

In Croatia, her home country, after taking a degree in Architecture, she started looking for a job in the movie industry. The first job she was offered was in the costume department. She agreed and so she found her path.

In 1987 Sanja decides to take the big leap in Hollywood: she moves to Los Angeles where she starts working as assistant costume designer. She got her big break ten years later, when she got the opportunity to design costumes for Blade and right after for Star Trek: Insurrection. The rest is history.

Sanja is well known to the general public for her work on blockbuster movies including Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials and Maze Runner: The Death Cure, Total Recall, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (for which she received a nomination from the Costume Designers Guild Awards for Excellence in Fantasy Film in 2009), The Fast And The Furious franchise and two chapters of the Star Trek saga – Star Trek Insurrection and Star Trek Beyond.

We’ve met her in Los Angeles, in a magical place, where super heroes are born: the Film Illusions Inc. Here she told us everything about Star Trek: Beyond and she showed us up close Krall’s costume, worn by Idris Elba.