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Ricky Gervais warned the audience at the Golden Globes that he was going to be as mean as he’s always been as host, but not to take it too hard.

“Remember, they’re just jokes,” Gervais said to open the 77th annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills. “We’re all going to die soon. And there’s no sequel.”

He immediately started poking fun at celebrities, starting with the college admissions scandal.

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40 thoughts on “SAVAGE! Ricky Gervais roasts Hollywood in Golden Globes monologue

  1. Why are we only obsessed with Apple's manufacturing in China? What about the other large corporates, are they paying any better?

  2. I agree with him, but i also think most of these artists and celebrities do this because they have a huge following and they know they're political views would get across to millions.

  3. This speech is inspired by Joker.
    can't believe he didin't tell them: 'Have you seen what it's like out there?Do you ever actually leave the movie studio?'

  4. Hey Hollywood: did you notice how offended you are and how offended America is not? No? Not surprised.

  5. Breaking news: Ricky Gervais tragically found dead by apparent suicide. He shot himself 3 times in the back of the head :'(

  6. “You’re in no position to lecture the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world.” God bless this man

  7. Brilliant delivered and he meant every word. I guess the go ahead from the GG people says they put good ratings above all any day. Cringing fucking
    fake ass celebrities trying desperately to look intelligent and altruistic.. fuck off

  8. Shredding political correctness in front of the most politically correct bunch in America ! 🤭 Lets hope this is contagious in all walks of life !😃

  9. The greta joke was priceless. If trump said it that would be child abuse ( obviously orange man bad)


  11. This video about Ricky's Golden Globe monologue is now number thirty in my suggestions box and just further proves to me that "No publicity is bad publicity" truly!.. He's just going to make even more money now for pissing off these Insignificunts and I love that!. LOL

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