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40 thoughts on “Saweetie talks Music, Plastic Surgery & Quavo on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

  1. She's not that media trained lol studied communications but don't know how to be professional in an interview.
    She'd hella smacking on that gum!😂

  2. Couldn't even finish because of that gum!!!! Just smacking all in the mic! 😑

  3. I don't know why she has gum. Maybe is so early in the morning, she was concious with the smell of her breathe. Inspiring young woman.

  4. I LOVE her voice. It’s so sensual, soft, the epitome of what they would say feminine…and it’s sexy lol but not over the top

  5. She handled herself with class amidst this fools disrespectful questions/comments.

  6. She’s so pretty but Jason is just making the Interview feel so uncomfortable the way he keeps asking about her breasts and saying they looks nice I mean they do but I feel like he over talked about them and he complimented too much and and he’s overloading her with compliments I mean don’t get me wrong she’s really pretty but he did it way too much like it made me feel uncomfortable for her . Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me?

  7. I am from Hayward and I Wana know what school she went to since she grew up in my city lol … & sac ain't the bay so choose where u from girl

  8. CAN WE PLS TALK ABOUT how everything the woman in red says is straight SHADE and backhanded

  9. To get a 8 figure man you should have 8 figs lol. Women crazy as hell cause both they ass would be mad and talking shit about said 8 fig man if he don’t want either of them cause they not making 8 figs. I swear women be acting like men suppose to settle for a broke ass woman cause you a woman lmfao. If I gotta be rich yo ass gotta be rich to fuck with me well that’s me but it’s a bunch of rich ass tricks out here. Notice I said rich tricks not wealthy ones

  10. “Go ahead gurl he just over here talking about a whole bunch of Pish Posh Apple SAOOUCE” 😂 luv her 26:34

  11. Saweetie just talking bout her success and y’all over here yapping about her chewing. Damn yal

  12. Miley is better than all the little reality stars you bring on your show.. These losers talk about how they talk to millions of ppl yet they talk shit on white ppl … Do you think white ppl dont listen to your show?? Stop being racist … Its not a good look… Youve lost 1 white listener cuz it gets boring listening to jason lee talking about his 1 time on LHH

  13. Saweetie is a lazy fuck when it comes to club appearances.. jus saw her a few weeks ago in Vegas. Repeated same songs twice. LAME!

  14. Interview was wack. I didn’t feel any closer to liking her or being a fan. Don’t like her music but I thought maybe an interview would do it.

  15. I’m wearing headphones, I can’t finish this interview. That gum smacking 😷

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