ET is taking a look at which productions are planning to start up again as COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift for the entertainment industry.

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9 thoughts on “See How Hollywood Sets Are Changing With New COVID-19 Adjustments

  1. Interesting to see what they say about intimate scene and think having that summer camp 2 weeks thing is really interesting, I love stranger things and all the ships in that and wonder how they plan to do those scenes

  2. I think these changes reported in this video, related to COVID19 in the entertainment industry will sadly become permanent. Such as Netflix or Apple TV becoming the new home for many new movies to debut. And indoor movie theaters when not showing a hit movie, maybe instead showing live major events on a state of art video ranging from major music concerts with the headliners of the day to the Super Bowl. Not to mention maybe reintroduce turn of the 20th Century vaudeville live entertainment of singers and comics as well. Just a realistic guess.

  3. Interesting. Also too many movies are making the change to virtual sets created in the computer versus real built sets!

  4. I can't stand this pandemic. Haven't even seen my niece for months b/c of it. Whats next, all of next year too?

  5. First one here…. Hopefully NcoV will just disappear and everything returns to normal

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