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43 thoughts on “Shia LaBeouf admits Hollywood Acting is Conjuring! He & Dakota Johnson are Intimidated & annihilated

  1. The 🌟 above and the 🌟 below are encompassed in the same celluloid film material. The engeenering of the Black Magick is very interesting. The Real and The Reel. The stars; if They enter into a Healing and Repentive state has a strong chance to subsequently spark healing and Repentance (which we all need daily) in their followers. I think you Mr pockets has a really good grasp on this aspect.

  2. Attachments like me and butterfly's and the stuff related with them…🙏❤❤

  3. I don’t like him personally but have had an eye on his antics and thought the whole Divide Us thing was MK gold. He’s absolutely bananas and ‘almost’ scary crazy sometimes. Great video.

  4. 100%agree they do conjure to perform. Robbie Williams was on a podcast an was talking about hes life an drug taking ect an started to say that when people talk about dealing with the their demons. He literally believes now it is demons. Not just a deep depression through industry pressure or a general figure of speech when people talk about dealing with their emotional demons. They do take in dark spiritual energy. Just look at method actors an the of serious depths they'll go to to be authentic to a character.

  5. Shattering beliefs is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Thank you Paul.

  6. Why would anyone care about the thoughts of Dakota Johnson and Shia the Beef?

  7. Hi Paul, what amaze me is that even though you and I are from two different country social religious education background, I agree with you almost on all points except a few.

  8. The special needs actor here just exudes love and honesty. He, Zack, is just looking at her like.. "I dont know what your waffeling on about, but you said you felt your heart shatter, and i feel really sorry for you".

  9. Pedowood is just absolutely pathetic…. they spend their lives Lying on screen and in interviews.. so how do they REALLY feel about this boy with Down syndrome? Instead of dramatically acting out how they think and feel about him (crushing her heart, intimidating him) they’re totally incapable of telling the truth because they lie in everything they do and say.. that Boy with Down Syndrome is closer to God than they ever will be..

  10. I'm still waiting for an actor to channel Mr. Ed, I'd be willing to pony up a few bucks!

  11. Thank you for this explanation There are moments when you see an actor so deep in their character it is scary especially if the character is turning dark at that moment. chilling

  12. The people in Hollyweird are sinners to the fullest degree. It’s just the lifestyle and environment of it all. This is why celebrities are praised to the highest. Like you said, it’s not politics with the all the influence of people and children (more importantly), it is Hollywood and the obsession of idolizing celebrities. Great video once again! I always learn something new from them.

  13. Great words! Very wise! Thanks for sharing and having a positive and spiritually attuned perspective 🙂 I really injoy your channel!

  14. why are they talking about this man Zach like hes not there… ive never seen an interview like this before

  15. GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL AMIGO! I gained so much from this video. The Lord used your message to help bring me Peace. Loves it 💖

  16. I always thought Shia was an idiot with his paper bag and his screaming video but I watched a Hot Ones episode with him and he's actually really likeable in that. Not sure if that's the "real" him or not but it made him seem more normal than I originally thought. This was after PB Falcon so maybe that kid changed something inside him.

  17. The illusion is that just celebs are conjurers. Everyone has a daemon. The world is a stage and we are all but actors on that stage.

  18. This is an artist thing. It comes from somewhere right? I write horror and I have wondered many times where this stuff just comes from? Like really where? It just comes to me out of thin air. Lovecraft? He was probably pulling from some dark place for sure. Where does imagination come from?

  19. Same goes with musicians as well.
    There are accounts of singers, one example is Beyoncé, who claims to have an alter ego that overtakes them during concerts.
    She named hers Sasha Fierce.
    No doubt the result of conjuring and possession.

  20. I love Shia. He is very authentic. The Peanut Butter Falcon is best movie ever. And now I am mad and you are not invited to my birthday party!

  21. U can see how pleased they r with themselves that they are duping this innocent soul. They r hypnotized him with coded words. Working w him shattered her heart?? She has a wig on and pancaked makeup – to look natural. They r fooling themselves- masters of turning poop into gold covered poop.

  22. It’s refreshing to hear celebrities tell the truth!
    Appreciate you leading it to a spiritual message, thanks Paul!

  23. Mr. Romano, I uncovered the extent of satanists. This video I would like for you and every good person to see: "Former Bohemian Satanic Priest tells all:

    They break up marriages and churches, do child porn, gang impregnate women then abort babies, all for their lord, satan. Once you see this, it will answer a lot of questions as to the motivation and widespread nature of these satanists.

  24. And because of listening to you for a long time, I totally understand this!!! Can’t wait to listen to the longer video. Sharing!!! Blessings Paul!! Always grateful for your videos 💚

  25. The Light intimidates darkness, because the Light reveals every wicked way in us and that can be terrifying. We need to let go of our wicked ways and embrace the Light, the Truth, our Lord Jesus! You feel empty and dead in darkness, humbly put in your place when it is revealed, then you can accept the truth about what you have become, so you can change. Become like the Light, persistently learning and growing in true wisdom and the end result is: Life more abundantly with overflowing love and mercy on others, with a peace in everything, because of Jesus. It is hard to recognize and admit our faults and wrong doing, but worth every step it takes to become a true loving person in Jesus Christ. I hope everyone can realize the truth about themselves and correct it, so you can let go of depression and have nothing but Joy continuously. You will regret every moment in darkness, but you will have everlasting peace when you abide in the Truth! Only Jesus can save us from evil, so trust in Jesus and you will be free from intimidation and annihilation. Love you all and hope you can accept the truth, even when it is not what you want to hear. All Glory to Jesus whose Light shines eternally!

  26. Or how about when they say thats sick,bad or wicked to compliment ,so common nowadays

  27. Can you look into the symbolism of masks?
    It feels like there's something behind it (no pun intended) about silencing people…taking away individuality.
    It feels like a ritual a conjuring 'ingredient'.

  28. They condition them starting at birth with emotional , physical, and sexual abuse. Especially the ones that are generational Hollywood and DC😞

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