Shia LaBeouf sits down for an intimate conversation about the Slauson Rec. Theater Company, his acting career, and his place within Hollywood with MTV News’s Josh Horowitz.

0:20 The Slauson Recreation Center
0:59 Changing the world through creative outlets
2:46 The tenets of what Shia is trying to teach
4:53 Fundraiser / Benefit concert
6:46 Shia LaBeouf on what ‘Even Stevens’ gave him
8:03 Shia LaBeouf on ‘Honey Boy’
8:58 Would you let your kids get into the entertainment industry?
10:04 The ‘Spielberg’ years
12:56 Needing friends
14:21 Shia’s philosophy on acting
16:38 What’s next?
19:43 Trying to create good work

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23 thoughts on “Shia LaBeouf On His Acting Career & Place Within Hollywood | Personal Space | MTV News

  1. Shia is a man’s man, a man that does what he wants and dresses the way he wants and doesn’t give a single fuck.

  2. I’m glad to see that this interview was a cook up to the movie Tax Collector I’m excited to see the movie!!!

  3. Honey Boy was an amazing movie, Shia is extremely talented. It's really inspiring how he used his time in rehab to create a masterpiece.

  4. I miss how he was during the transformers, Indiana Jones, Constantine, disturbia days. He was on the road to be an A list action hero but he threw it away

  5. Damn Shia hes so right about the arts being removed from schools did it in junior school.went to senior school in 93 and didn't have a single drama lesson in 5 years

  6. There is something special about Shia LaBeouf – not just as a brilliant talent, but as a person with heart. I am writing a book and every author has that dream that maybe one day it would make that best seller list and made into a move. I would want no one else but Shia to be the lead actor – he has the depth and soul to bring it alive. He is one after my own heart – "original", and not afraid to express his authenticity hoping to make a difference for the better. No other actor comes near him. My only criticism is the swearing – but I am old school. Does not change my deep admiration for Shia – the person. I believe in him.

  7. this interviewfelt like a 3 hour hurracaine, I mean to much to chew up…and I loved it, good to see Shia in this shape, Inspiring.
    "I've been blessed beyond imagination" I like his thinking

  8. Ugh. It feels so good to see a great person amplifying that same energy and trying to spread it to others. I needed this today.

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