thnx to my camera and its amazing zoom XD
sry its shakey around the middle of amigo D:
aha u can totally hear me screaming and singing XD how embarrassing XD

notice the onew heart in the middle of amigo perf and the attempted heart sign of taemin’s at the end… lol


34 thoughts on “SHINee Hollywood Bowl KMF 2009 Replay + Amigo (fancam)

  1. xDD
    i think its soooo funny how in korea, they think we are all gangster and stuff.! 😀
    they even said they chose a western like song (Replay) for debut,
    so it could appeal to more audiences.
    and did you see their wardrobe in that.?
    trying to be gangster.! ;D
    oh i love our SHINee boys. 🙂

  2. does anyone no if korean bands will come to california once more to perform? if they do,, i'm gonna have to buy tickets early…

  3. okay this video, though i've watched it over 50 times, just reminds of why i fell in love with SHINee in the first place, and why i still love them after 2 years(:

  4. Jonghyun is so professional.. dancing continuously while fixing the wire thingy. I love these boys!

  5. my heart literally skipped a beat watching this…
    and nearly cried…. im such a hardcore fan

  6. WHY are fans shouting that much? It's so annoying!
    Don't tell me it's because they are excited… because you can't hear anything shouting that much.

  7. OMG! i didnt even know SHINee went to the 2009 KMF!! i went to the 2010! wahh i wanted SHINee ti go next year!! hopefully they do!!

  8. Thanks for the fancam. Although I could never physically be in the audience for any pop concert since all the screaming would get on my nerves, fancams are nice to see. Sometimes better than the official videos, because you can really see their dance moves. I know they make special MVs for that but still. They look so light on their feet. Thanks for sharing ^_^ It looks like you all had fun.

  9. the 1nd time i saw them on tv…2009 SHINee Hollywood Bowl on arirang…wasnt their fan yet…2nd time was their julliette days on MTV…still wanst their fan yet(made fun of them and stuff) their hair and stuff ahahhaa….Im their fan now though…love them too bits

  10. @yhcstar hollywood bowl was yesterday, its a korean music festival in LA every May
    and no they didnt go

  11. wow what camera is that LOL. I would like one with amazing zoom too. And were you the one yelling jonghyun? He's my fave XD<3

  12. hey what seat did you get? i'm thinking of going this year and was wondering if the view is good or not from the sides.

  13. woow!!!………they really were in america!!!……i though no one of korean arist had performed in america!!!……(besides wonder girls)…..omg ………i almost day when i got the note!!!

  14. what seat did you get?
    plz tell me, im planning to go this year but i wannt a seat as good as that

  15. woah ! i see the difference between JongHyun's thigh now and then . Now , his thigh is not af fat as then . hahaha . pervert ..

    anyways , JongHyun <333

  16. If SHINee is going to the next KMF, i'm so there. haha too bad i couldn't go to this one!

    KEYYYYYYY!!!! <3333333

  17. lol omg ur fancam is better than mine bc i was spazzing too much! lol I was in pool circle too….i fail thanks for sharing this!

  18. yes.
    Some Korean artists come to america to perform at Hollywood Bowl.

    They always have a Korean Musical Festival every year at the Hollywood Bowl.

    Artist like DBSK, SNSD, and many more artists have performed there.

  19. dang i had the chance to go there last year but i didn't know shinee yet and i heard suju wasn't going :/

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