Don’t let the things you see in movies set you up for a harsh reality check. Being a Shot Caller is nothing glorious and often times results in a WigSplit. Stay free!

Wes is a recent Interviewee that spent 10 years in CDC.

Check out his interview!

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26 thoughts on “SHOT CALLERS – Hollywood portrayal vs. Reality – Prison Talk 19.22

  1. I know exactly what Wes is talking about when he refers to not looking up when something big is happening. Dudes draw too much attention to themselves, and to other people’s business. It’s like when the waitress drops a glass, & people break their necks to look over & embarrass the girl. She dropped a glass, you know what happened, mind your own fucking business. Or the dude who has to say something nasty when the girl walks by, loud enough for her to hear & feel disgusted. Why do that pathetic shit?

  2. People needs to understand that prison in films is made to look worse than it is in real life, you only suffer hard time and become a victim if you a hot head & have no respect

  3. I wouldn't call Shotcaller "glamorous"… it definitely didn't make it seem like the bosses got it easy. The big dawgs like Beast got it too.

  4. He wes just wondering what do you have in this life besides this channel are you truly happy are you miserable you are hard to put a finger on so let me know is this Channel all you have do you have real goals besides working out

  5. I’m sorry but I think this dude is glamorizing the prison experience just a bit. I’ve never did time but something just seems phony about his stories.

  6. What if I don't bother anyone in prison 🤔 ( if I was in prison,I'd be in the library if I'm not locked up ) I read a newspaper article where did dude did 40 years for a crime he didn't do. Four decades, I can't do a stretch for that long I'd slap a judge for that long ( everybody that long would've died )

  7. They should elaborate more on the prison lingo… we dont know what it means … i.e SBI

  8. Watched the whole video with the volume turned down because I was waiting for Wes to get hyped again.

  9. STUPID PC and SNY yard guys get physically KILLED CRUSHED STOMPED DOWN SEVERELY SERIOUSLY DAMAGED BLOWN APART TORN UP SHREDDED and FUCKING MURDERED by GP guys they were actually fucking arrogant egotistical and dumb enough to piss off. Or they try something even dumber. Like, trying to harm, scare or intimidate a woman who the PC guy cares about, is just friends with. Because of the way that guy dissing her or dissing that guy she's friends with really feels about himself inside.

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