Simon Baker receives the 2490 th Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Valentines Day!
Highlights from the ceremony including Bruno Heller and Naomi Watts’ speeches and his emotional thank you to friends and family.
Many many congratulations Simon from all your fans – you are an inspiration.

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17 thoughts on “Simon Baker 2013 02 Highlights – Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

  1. Big love and greetings to you Simon from *Yemen* 🙂
    we wish you the best in life

  2. Simon Baker is so hot , and also he is crying <3 , i am sure he is a great person in real life , and i love his voice it is so sexy "( .. love you simon

  3. Sorry for the mistakes because I'm from Russia😉 But I love Simon and Robin and of course i love "The Mentalist". 💕 It's very spectacular and gripping❤️❤️

  4. i'm so happy for him and proud he deserve it so much
    His words are so touching and beautiful ♥

  5. So sweet the words he said to her wife… He's really in love with her.
    She's so lucky 😉

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