Legendary rapper Snoop Dogg receives his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, thanking Dr. Dre, Warren G and Quincy Jones – and himself – for getting him to where he is today.

#SnoopDogg #HWOF

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20 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg Gets Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame | FULL SPEECH

  1. I wanna thank me is unforgettable speech for me. Love and respect snoop dogg from burma.

  2. Dude! His public speaking skill is on a level nobody can match. If he runs for president, sure he has the ability to gain followers just listening to him!

  3. Dr Dre n uncle snoop you guys are the greatest rapper in the world thanks for making hip hop greatest

  4. He was doing great until ending in narcissism and thanking gang thug groups that have terrorized, stolen from, and menaced millions, not to mention each other (so sad).

  5. Meanwhile, partying at the Jones’ residence. Snoop Dogg, “Quincy said we need to be more positive and instrumental with our voices.” Crunk in the house 🏠 but now, unwavering silence in the living room…..everyone pauses, takes a drink 🥃, a hit of Aurora Purple relish. No thank you I’m nice, “Goddamnit I’m fuc@&$ up.” Reflection, timeout…..Guests, “Indeed. Well said.” Adjourned. Let the party 🎉 proceed.🐻☕️❤️🇨🇦2020

  6. Did he wrote that shit down or he just makin up right there… Damn its was a real speech…

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