Someone Found An Old Photo Album Full Of Pics Of This Woman And Hollywood Celebrities In A Thrift Shop

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28 thoughts on “Someone Found An Old Photo Album Full Of Pics Of This Woman And Hollywood Celebrities In A Thrift Shop

  1. This seems bizarre to me. I’ve never seen someone with so many pictures with celebrities, all looking very similar. I wonder if this woman has more authority than is publicly known.

  2. OP didn’t read the article so here’s the scoop taken straight from the article;

    “Turns out, the ‘mysterious’ woman is actually Maria Snoeys-Lagler, a former member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). It’s a non-profit organization of journalists and photographers who report on the entertainment industry. The HFPA consists of about 90 members from around 55 countries, and they’re the ones conducting the annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony in Los Angeles every January.”

    The photos on the article are truly mind boggling. She probably knows more celebrities than some of the celebrities shown in the photos. Insane.

  3. I knew this Chinese woman from work who kept posting photos of herself with famous A List celebs. Apparently she was married to this russian oligarch who was wealthier than god.

  4. This sort of thing (“cherished” family photos winding up in strangers’ hands) happens more often than most people like to think. Many of us have fond memories of thumbing through family photo albums as kids, and wouldn’t dream of throwing them out, but invariably at some point in the future they’ll wind up in the hands of some relative or estate executor who’ll lack any sentimental attachment to them. Next stop: the garbage curb, thrift shops, or estate sales.

    There used to be active Flickr groups filled with vintage “thrift store” pics of anonymous, presumably deceased people, and the followers of the group would try to figure out the locations or people’s identities through amateur sleuthing. I always found it somewhat haunting that most of those photos once represented a cherished memory or occasion to their original owners, only to wind up utterly stripped of context once they were in the hands of strangers who could only guess who or where these mysterious people were.

  5. I just need to point out that the link includes a photo that is incorrectly labeled as showing Maria with the cast of Saved By The Bell, when the photo actually shows Maria with the cast of Saved By the Bell: The College Years.

  6. But notice this—- all of the actors she gets photos with are totally in their prime. They look like they do in the movies they are most famous in. The consistency is mind boggling.

  7. Two things stand out: how young these actors look meaning how long ago the pictures were taken.
    The other thing is how many of the men are still active professionally and how few of the women.

  8. I went in expecting maybe four or five photos of her with celebs but man oh man!!! This lady has lived an amazing life!!

  9. It’s crazy how she looks exactly the same in most of these photos. Same necklace, same hair, same smile, and even the same clothes in every damn picture.

  10. Weird how Willis has gone full McClane and everyone else is in their slacks.

  11. “Cast of Saved be the Bell”……..the college years. Not the main show cast, it’s the spinoff cast. Still enjoyed the show, cool picture.

  12. That’s how a celebrity knows they hit the big time, they get their picture with her.

  13. She must have been a very nice person because most of the celebrities appear to be very happy taking a picture with her.

  14. What if it’s the devil, and that’s the moment they sold their souls.

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