Ignore the title. It’s a great one alright, but Hollywood After Dark evokes images of movie stars, casting couches, and back-lot orgies which can be found in Starlet or The Masterpiece but not here. No, this one’s about a loser in love with a stripper who gets involved with a deadly robbery. And though it ostensibly takes place on the fringes of Hollywood, except for a shot of the Hollywood sign, it could’ve been made in Anytown U.S.A. It’s also another of director JOHN HAYES’ brooding meditations on life pretending to be a sexploitation film. like its companion piece, The Rotten Apple (another Hayes! McClanahan collaboration), it can best be described as Existential Exploitation, and, like all of Hayes’ films, aspires to be something smarter and more profound than just another “B'” Rue Mclanahan