Whoa Nellie! Hollywood Burlesque (a.k.a. Famous Hollywood Burlesque) has it all! This Continental Picture (produced by roadshow king J. D. KENDIS) features wooden tit-serenaders droning endless, dreamy ditties; campy chorines (“The Lovely Hollywood Cuties”) in gauzy, glitzy garb; snappy specialty dancers (courtesy MARY KING and DYANN & LEGRAND TORRY); corny but delightful shtickmeisters SAY NO MORE JO and EDDIE WARE, who do an old “Buzzin’ the Bees” bit; and gorgeous — really gorgeous — burley-q queens, all in a complete, classic, old-fashioned show at San Diego’s famed Hollywood Theatre!

The action starts with the prodigious, pulsating curves of blonde bombshell BOBBY ROBERTS (later known as “Texas” Bobby Roberts), an alluring amazon eyeful who won’t let you blink! She’s followed by “Exotic MARIE” DURAND, a zaftig little charmer, doing the smoothest bumps in town!


– Something Weird


8 thoughts on “Something Weird Hollywood Burlesque

  1. Every sailor on boot camp liberty had to go to the Hollywood Burlesque . Never a real "dirty" show , just good looking babes and corny comedians.
    US Navy 1958

  2. Texas bobby was actually barbara land from Talasee alabama. She escaped her strict southern father and ran off to san diego. Her only daughter was robin, who was my mother.

  3. I went to the Hollywood theater in the late 50s early 60s. Remember Eddie Ware, Texas Bobbi Roberts, Vedette, Bob "remove your hats, boys"  Johnston. Saw Lili St Cyr and Tempest Storm there. Tempest was only 28.

  4. Thanks for posting this. My grandparents Bob and Frances owned the Hollywood theatre and its always a treat to see video of the shows. I have many reels of film from the theatre but haven't transferred them all to digital.thanks for posting! Robert Johnston

  5. As a child of a dancer at The Hollywood Theatre, this was definitely a milder version of the shows I've seen. They did have beautiful costumes and funny skits. This brings back great memories! My step-fathers first wife was Texas Bobbi Roberts, she was gorgeous!

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