son of the mask big oof

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49 thoughts on “Son of the Mask (2005) – Hollywood's Biggest Bruh Moment

  1. …the fact that I OWN this movie till this day 🙊🥴☠

  2. I feel like elvis should review the book of eli,its has Denzel washington and it is really good (sorry if he only reviews bad movies but either way its good) but if you want to watch a bad one,go look at revolt it's on Netflix and a Netflix original so that should tell you how bad it is

  3. wow that might’ve been one of the most confusing thing i’ve ever watching

  4. sometimes i'll wake sounding up and have a little lint in my pee hole or something and i'll make two streams on accident. sucks when that happens

  5. Just ordered 4 tees from your site, bro.
    Much love and I hope you're doing well through all of this.
    Keep up the quality content. (No pressure…. some pressure lol)

  6. That's a heck of a lot of sexual content for a movie "made for kids" o_O

  7. If Odin can see everyting, then why does he still have his right eye?

  8. I mean when I was younger I enjoyed the movie alot I was just laughing the whole time tbh but I can see how people can hate on a goofy movie for being goofy.

  9. This is what you see if you smoke meth, PCP, and crack together in one massive hit

  10. You can break the glass and have the filament still work. The glass protects it, the glass doesn't somehow make the bulb work.

  11. Maybe im just tired, but why does Lokys actor look like the penguin from the gotham series?

  12. i actually enjoyed this movie. there were some elements i didn't like, but overall it wasn't that bad…
    but it'll never beat the original mask movie!

  13. Why are you trying to find logic in this movie man? He wears a wierd mask that gives him power and you're looking at other illogical things.

  14. Oh, you hear that?

    You're making the one of the director of Looney tunes shorts, Tex Avery which you based Tim off of for some reason, roll in his grave!

  15. If you think the musical part is horrible, it isn't as bad as the dubbed version for Latin American and Spain

  16. when the baby said “mother” that was kinda funny. I smirked

  17. Okay but the Velocipastor is great, please do that one at some point

  18. Okay so I hope I'm not the only one, but as a kid I had this weird crush on the actor of loki? Like he played the evil/not actually evil guy from spy kids, and I always really liked.. Looking at him. Seeing him on screen.
    It was weird yall

  19. I feel sad knowing that I’ve never seen The Mask but I’ve seen Son of the Mask. So to me growing up Son of the Mask, was The Mask and only recently I found out it was a lack luster sequel.

  20. Why couldn’t they have made this movie completely 2d?
    The 2d scenes look a WHOLE lot better

  21. when you wear the mask it like transforms you into a thing that you enjoy jim carey turned into a old warner bros cartoon chats yet guy is because he likes those cartoons but tim acts like this because what he draws cartoons but those are just cartoons not the warner bros style so they copied that from the original because i guess they thought it was good

  22. Strange how Loki is played by the same guy that plays Loki in the Avengers.

  23. This was to cinema to what Troom Troom is to YouTube. The only difference is that Troom Troom actually makes money, which kinda makes it worse.

  24. God every time I see that Elvis uploads, it immediately brings a smile to my face.

  25. I didn't think it was possible for me to hate this movie more than I already did but then you showed me that sperm scene I've never even heard of before.

  26. Am I the only one who saw this one first as a kid so when I went back to watch the mask I was confused why there were scenes missing and other scenes I have no memory of

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