Sophie Turner says white silence is harming Black Americans – woke Hollywood loves the attention!


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47 thoughts on “Sophie Turner Says WHITE SILENCE is HARMING Black Americans | Woke Hollywood's Back!

  1. So when something bad happens to me cause im a fucking weirdo, the world will unite and help me and anyone that refuses to is an accomplice?
    Turne-around and fuck off love.

  2. There is nothing worse than white guilt transference, executed by these weak minded, virtue signalling, soy drenched morons. The only time I will ever kneel is if my queen knights me, which is extremely unlikely! 😁👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇺🇲

  3. I honestly wonder if these celebs are genuinely stupid, cowards or straight up evil, selfish assholes who are totally aware of their manipulative tactics (too many stupid have access to social media nowadays, it's no surprise stupid things like this gets supported)

  4. I'm not an american but that doesn't mean that I can't comment on this Chanel..about this stupid woman on the aftermath of rioting,looting,burning and killing oh man what's happening to america?

  5. STEP #1
    Prevent White people from speaking out about Black VIOLENCE.
    STEP #2
    Accuse White people of being SILENT.

  6. Its ok to be proud of your heritage and white race. Nothing to be shamed. Sophie. Let's be free from woke brainwash.

  7. We are speaking but many do not want to hear us because they are more racist than those they are hating…

  8. Of course she is OBLIGED to protect and secure her future in the Hollywoke… Nothing new.

  9. Race has nothing to do with anything!!! It's only the racist people that see color.

  10. I made the mistake to make my once-every-3-months check-in at Facebook, and realised that almost all the musicians I listen too are retarded and/or dishonest and that nobody does any research anymore. Hell, they were calling people who simply put up a perfectly legitimate statistic, racists.
    We'll never win. Whites will be demonised, upstanding blacks who work hard are looted and ruined by the very people who claim to stand up for them, and if you're stating anything that resembles logic, you're a nazi or an Uncle Tom.

    You know, so far I thought the majority was just misinformed, but nope, they are choosing to look away.

  11. she wants to be the new emma watson. I think she can make it, she is about that stupid and talentless

  12. For those donating to the BLM website, the fundraising organization goes to Actblue Charities. If you look them up, they’re a Democratic Party Fundraiser that vends and receives donations through the fundraisers they create. This includes political candidates like Biden and Bernie.

  13. Yes I agree. Silencing white people because of their opinions is violence.

  14. What?! This doesn’t make any sense! They wanted us silenced, but now they want us to say something?!

  15. TL;DW: NOT saying what I WANT you to say is violence, and YOU should be PUNISHED for not having MY views! REEEEEE!!!

    That's basically the left today.

  16. The Queen of failed franchises has something to say about the nation she is visiting on a work visa? That's adorable…

  17. She is just trying to stay relevant and get attention so she can get hired again.

  18. Maybe she would be so virtuous that she will go and live in Africa. Then she can walk around on her knees and apologise to everyone she meets for the fact that both the scandalously white countries of England and America were instrumental in the abolition of slavery. We are so blessed to have saviours such as herself to guide the deluded black peoples so that they can have a better life

  19. Exactly most of the population have never done anything to harm or go against minorities.
    My wife is a minority, so this rubbish is a joke. I will not bend the knee or say sorry for some people years ago.

  20. 1984 -Love is Hate,Truth is Lies,2020 -Silence is Violence.Pillage is Peace.

  21. GoT is over and so is her career, she has as much personality as a random rat in my garden, so she must generate hype somehow. Now there is this 5minute fad of frog-leaping over each other to be more guilty of being deprived of melanin… surprised, that she jumped on it?
    No peace? Lefties want war? Be careful wish you wish for, we may just give you war, just push a little further…

  22. White liberals think its bad, then go live in a turd world country then tell us what you think. Though we are already on our way there.

  23. Probably because her movie failed and she is not acting at the moment she needs attention and "thought" this was the best way to do it, plus she is NOT american

  24. kneeling is pathetic there just mad sjws who are getting out for onec in there life and i will kneel for no one not even god

  25. Okay, if I don't speak, I'm a racist. If I don't bow down, I'm a racist. If I don't yield to their whims and wants, I'm a racist. Essentially, anything I do because of the colour of my skin, is being a racist.

    I'm not a racist, they're just a bunch of c**ts!

  26. This is annoying & has no merit. The white people who engage in this behavior are stupid.

  27. Fact: George Floyd was killed by a cop who's KNEELING on his neck.
    Why should I KNEEL then?

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