It’s been 2 months since Rise of the Resistance has opened at the Walt Disney World Resort and Jordan decided to take a day trip to Galaxy’s Edge to check out if the Boarding Group madness has gotten any less crazy. Come take a casual (and slightly disappointing?) stroll with us to Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World!

**Also… and we’re sorry about this… BUT You’ve got to see 16:46 in the video. (Watch the whole video to understand) SPOILERS FOR RISE OF THE RESISTANCE!**


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19 thoughts on “Spending the day in Galaxy's Edge at Hollywood Studios! || RISE Boarding Groups Still Going Strong!

  1. refreshing VS waiting to open the app at 8 am which one did you do? which one do you feel works best?

  2. Wdym galaxy's edge Hollywood Studios?! I'm so confused!
    I thought galaxy's edge is located in Anaheim Disneyland?

  3. I have been fortunate enough to ride this a few times !!! Simply amazing attraction!
    However, had it been a one time trip for me (or truthfully my 100th) and i woke up at 4 am to stand on line to get a boarding pass to ultimately hear your play by play on the ride I would be beyond irate. Have some consideration for others. Give your comments after.

  4. How long was the wait for your boarding group? Also do you have a certain amount of time to get back to the ride…for example an hour like the fast passes.

  5. What day was this filmed? I know you said it had been a few months, but I would be interested to know when this was.

  6. Is it worth trying to get a boarding group or better to forget about it altogether? Am going in a couple of weeks but not sure if it’s worth getting there that early when you’re not guaranteed to get on.

  7. hahahaha that ending! Also, didn't they announce that Runaway Railway will use fastpass? Wouldn't that rule out the possibility of a virtual queue?

  8. A Galaxy's Edge vid …yeah…and only mentioned Mickeys Runaway Railway five times.
    I so hope it lives up to your expectations.

  9. Great video man! So great y’all got Disney Easy and west covered… Jordan it’s called Kilo’s force fart 💨

  10. Got any advice to get on Rotr on saturday? I’m going on presidents’ day weekend so any tips?

  11. 8:13 Jordan, that map CLEARLY says you NEED TO TAKE THAT LEFT TURN AT ALBUQUERQUE! Jeez! No Wonder you guys got caught in a tractor beam! (A few too many B-modes on your ride, I see…at least they didn’t skip the first parts like some folks have been getting, especially at the one here in California..)

  12. Have you guys noticed that if your Pilots are "not great" on Smugglers Run, that the ride is WAY LESS enjoyable? Have any of you ever experienced that? Is it because they don't explain the controls very well at the beginning of the ride? Love to hear your thoughts?

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