A visit to Hollywood Blvd for Star Wars Day on May Th Fourth 2020. Stopped off at the Chinese Theatre where the 1977 movie premier took place as well as the surround areas of the Walk of Fame.


45 thoughts on “Star Wars Day in Hollywood – 1977 Movie Premier Location / Original Handprints & Walk of Fame Stars

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    Normally I upload at night from that days activities and after I edit I put video on private . Something went a tad wacky instead of waiting till the morning to publish this said “heck it “ and a midnight video release was born . Enjoy !

  2. This was a very enjoyable commemorative /memorial vlog for star wars, carrie fisher and her mom Debbie Reynolds. Awesome toys !

  3. how can i send you stuff? im sure its not a good time with covid and all but when its over i have the original starwars set on laserdisk and some of what i think are original starwars action figures i would like to send you. they mean nothing to me as im not the biggest starwars fan and got all the items for free so i would love to pass them on to someone who would actually enjoy them.

  4. Thanks again!! Beautiful views. It’s actully peacful to watch…knowing it’s usually impossible to take all those sights in without crazy crowds.

  5. I feel you. I’ve been locked down here in Nashville since early March. I will tell you if it helps that my friend runs an attraction in Gatlinburg and he tells me very little there has actually opened.

  6. I SWEAR I've seen a Star for Carrie Fisher and for Debbie Renolds in Las Vegas on the Las Vegas Blvd. After all, Debbie has a road named after her here. I Know I've seen it. Most of the stars go unnoticed by tourists as they walk along LVBLVD.

  7. I have never watched a Star Wars movie in my life.., but still watched your video all the way through 🤤🤤

  8. I seriously loved this video so much! The gravesite made me cry. Very cool of you to go pay respects there and bring us with you. Also…you have Hollywood to yourself right now and that's pretty awesome!

  9. I'm having California withdrawals, so all of your posts help. Thank You!

  10. I just recalled that Galaxy's Edge was not open yet last year. In my mind it has just always been there now.

  11. Great vlog. Incredible that Carrie Fisher does not have a star! Enjoyed seeing the grave of Debbie and Carrie. My parent's grave stone has the inscription, "Together As Always" which could be applied to Carrie and Debbie.

  12. Thanks, man. You made me cry all over again. 🙂 But really, thanks for this, good times. 😀

  13. Great show Adam….really enjoyed it.
    Thank You! What a beautiful day down your way. We all had our plans to be down there right about now, but as you may imagine everything had to be canceled, much family being very disappointed as well. 🥺 Damn virus.

  14. Hi Adam! I'm a new subscriber/ fan and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your videos. I'm prob older than your usual watchers, and love seeing all the places you've been that I've always hoped to go, but didn't.
    Life got in the way! So thank you so much for letting me see " all the things"!! I got super excited seeing you at Chocolate world in Hershey, Pa. My neck of the woods!!
    Love you Adam the woo!!!!
    Keep up the fabulousness.😁

  15. How or what is the significance of the star direction? Just a week and a half after the Star Wars actors signed their names here, Elvis died. Long ago. Wonder why Harrison Ford was at the theater in 1992? Witness was a few years before so he was probably in the middle of the Fugitive at this point. Love this stuff because it's so personal without being personal.

  16. I’ve really been enjoying your videos lately. Your adventures around LA bring back happy memories for me! I grew up and still live her. I don’t get out to the places often enough. Thanks for sharing! ✌️🎥💜

  17. I remember when Carrie and Debbie went a day after each other. So heartbreaking, but poetic.

  18. What a wonderful way to celebrate Star Wars Day! I loved how you paid homage to everyone and how nice was it that the cement prints were accessible! Thank you for making me smile!

  19. Hi just ran in to you when turning in to Knott's Berry farm to get chicken Togo. in a yellow truck

  20. May the Fourth be with Woo!!!

    December 27th and December 28th 2016, only WEEKS after the release of Rogue One; A Star Wars Story.

    It was a bittersweet time. 😭

    Carrie Fisher was able to be asked in an interview to offer her reaction to her character's portrayal in the film, even though it had to be Computer Generated, and she did say she enjoyed seeing it happen, and had obviously known about it already for quite a while before any of us did.

    Edit; And I would definitely agree, Star Wars HAS to be the #1 most culturally influential film franchise worldwide throughout all cinematic history, full stop.

    40+ years of content that has changed the industry and the technology, and the fundamental way that movies are made, continuing essentially unabated until today and into the foreseeable future, possibly even for several more decades (and generations) to come.

    I would wager nothing else even comes close. 👍😊

  21. Kicking myself – as a kid in the 70's I had the original figurines but think they were all launched with rockets or fireworks.

  22. The fact that ''General Princess Leia Organa-Solo'' doesn't have a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star,
    …is an absolute shameful and tragic embarrassment.. 💐We love you Carrie Fisher.💐

  23. I think that Dave Prowse must have been the one that signed in the concrete. He came into my store years ago and signed us an autograph, and the way he wrote Darth Vader looks the same as ours. So I reckon it was him.

  24. The reason you couldn't cross the guard rails is that you've got too much bacteria on you man. Someone is calling the cops.

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