May the 4th be with you! Happy Star Wars Day from the Disney theme park with the most Star Wars stuff in it, Disney’s Hollywood Studios! In today’s vlog we check out as much Star Wars stuff as we can see including a Meet and Greet with BB-8 Astromech Droid! We saw a Jawa trading things with guests, Storm Troopers patrolling the area, Captain Phasma marching with her troops, and even visited Jar Jar Binks on Star Tours! We checked out some of the exclusive merchandise for the day as well as some non exclusive Star Wars merch that is available all the time at DHS. We rode a few rides that were not Star Wars related and met a few interesting characters along the way and even got a quick update on the Star Wars Land construction.

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33 thoughts on “Star Wars Day | May the 4th at Disney's Hollywood Studios

  1. 4th of may is my birthday the only read my dad remembers it is due to Star Wars !! 😂😂

  2. Hey Tim! Does Disney celebrate Revenge of the 5th as much as the 4th? I’m a Sith for life and would like to go on the 5th!

  3. Awesome seeing Kevin with the badges. He gave us a little Disney magic on our last visit by giving my son's girlfriend a passholders only Porg badge after she saw it and was disappointed she couldn't get it. He said he made a Porg one "by mistake" and apologized. She was beyond thrilled. We'll never forget Kevin!

  4. I'm going to use that next time me and a guest talk over each other when I'm working.
    "I'm sorry. I didn't know what was going on. I got scared."

  5. Every time I feel the desire to go someplace public for May the 4th, I remember that I hate crowds, and that in 2016 I was actually working on Skywalker Ranch, for real! My last day was May the 3rd, unfortunately, and I couldn't get them to give me just one more day, alas. I was only a temp working for Edutopia, George's nonprofit that has office space there. I'd been there for 5 magical months, covering for someone on maternity leave. So on that last day I sat on the dock on Ewok Lake, splashed my feet in the water, and listened to the birds, just trying to memorize what it was like being there at the Mecca of Star Wars. I had lunch in George's home one last time, and turned in my badge. Ever since, pretty much anyplace else on May the 4th just can't compare (but I imagine if anyplace could, it will be Star Wars Land!)

    And now I'm going to reveal myself a total n00b to this channel: What exactly does "And now it's time to pay the price" reference? To close nearly every video with it, but never explain, might make me bonkers after a while. But I'm enjoying it so far!

  6. This is another thing that I have seen but never done. Thank you for showing me what I can expect at the launch bay

  7. May the 4 be with u I’m classroom is star wars theme and so on every paper i wrote may the 4 be with u

  8. I enjoy the Build a droid, now with Protocol droids. I have quite a few, so many combinations. As for Light sabers, I've only have built three. Red, Green and Purple. As of this typing, it's one week until the 4th again. I bought a Death Star name tag with my name on it. I had it on at work, but nobody can read Aurebesh. Both my wife and I do Disney pin trading, so I got a hold of a 40th anniversary pin. Very cool. Star Wars is great, save the last movie. lol.

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