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They say you shouldn’t meet your heroes. And when it comes to these A-listers, that couldn’t be more true. But it’s not their Tinseltown personalities that are too harsh to handle — it’s their star-powered reputation for neglecting basic hygiene. Whether it’s not regularly brushing their teeth, skipping the shower, or ahem forgetting to flush the toilet, these are the stars who could use a little “soap on a rope.”

Jessica Simpson | 0:22
Cameron Diaz | 1:08
Megan Fox | 1:31
Kristen Stewart | 1:51
Brad Pitt | 2:22
Miley Cyrus | 2:46
Bradley Cooper | 3:22
Shailene Woodley | 3:44
Harry Styles | 4:23
Vanessa Paradis | 5:05

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47 thoughts on “Stars With The Worst Personal Hygiene In Hollywood

  1. Think I have strong 💪 teeth 🦷 like Jessica Simpson to lol big up the great 👍 unwashed lol 😂

  2. Each of these celebs looks like hygiene haters to me….except for maybe Bradley Cooper

  3. 3x times shower daily is too much and he ended up in your worst personal hygiene list, what do you think other stars are? psychos that take a bath 10x a day?!

  4. White people are generally really bad at hygine i heard that they hardly wash their hands after using toilet

  5. So basically if i turn a movie on with one of these stars in it, the smell of garbage is no coincidence, k thanx

  6. Well in all fairness, Vanessa Paradis is French and the French are very well known for their lack of hygiene practices. So she’s just doing what the French do. Which is perfectly normal for them

  7. I think this video is too personal. Defamation at its finest. UNSUB TO THI USELESS CHANNEL

  8. Celebrity or not… They Nasty AF… all caucasian 🤷🏽‍♀️. What's up with that? maybe nothing…but I did notice 😶

  9. See the thing Jessica Simpson could still get it, we just dont have to make out at all.

  10. star with the WORST personal hygiene! just what i needed to know…who pvssy stinks! i mean, we ain't haterz! WE NEED TO KNOW! LMAO!!!!!

  11. The late, great Marilyn Monroe was known to stink as she didn’t bathe, just added perfume.

  12. Harry Styles smells amazing
    He smells like Chanel’s Tabacco Vanille perfume 😌

  13. Hillary Clinton doesn't brush her dentures and has horrible breath. Which is probably why Bill Clinton won't kiss her.

  14. They are Disgusting I always brush my teeth and I take a shower or bath every day

  15. Everyone has a hygiene flaws and lets face it not everyone flushes the toilet

  16. I've actually met harry styles at a meet and greet he smells like cologne, kinda mints, and nature which is fabulous

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