The reality star is moved by the young clairvoyant’s spot-on reading while connecting to his late mother. Watch the moment on “Hollywood Medium.”

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Steve-O Stills Suffers Over Trauma Late Mom Suffered | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!


46 thoughts on “Steve-O Stills Suffers Over Trauma Late Mom Suffered | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

  1. wow, someone on tv that looks like a bigger idiot than Steve-o… entertainment these days

  2. god, man, i wanna hug steveo so bad cause i kmow what hes feeling. at 24 ive watched my last parent, my prescious dad, suffering because of cancer. pain, epilepsy due to the violent chemotherapy and constant misery. the feeling of unfairness and sorrow in such moments is of a kind that no one can really imagine unless u went through it and i HOPE that NO ONE has to go through it ever in their lives.

  3. Hahahahahahahahahah come on mate why did you have this bellend on your show. I can find out everything about you in a minute online then make the rest up!!!!! THIS GUY IS A FACCKKKIINNNG CAAAANNNNTTT!!

  4. As a doctor, Dr. Drew should be ashamed of himself for endorsing such charlatanry. Mediums might seem like innocent fun, but many of these frauds prey on the weak and grieving, and publicly endorsing their act with pseudo-science validates a nonsense approach to real, serious issues.

  5. As a cna, I was upset hearing about her bed sores. Not sure why nobody helped her and those can be fatal.

  6. Why does his voice sound like that? WhT is he famous for I have never heard of him

  7. WTF is Henry wearing?? Does he get clearer signals wearing tht??? LOL…Sorry he is a half baked ConArtist, who figures he can clear his conscious. because he is helping people…even though its BS….Sorry dude it doesn't work tht way, but they make it so easy for him…

  8. All the skeptics are very ignorant to me. Especially with Tyler. He is so spot on that you cant make this stuff up. This kid is the real deal. He gave a reading that changed my life and I use to be one of those closed minded skeptics.

  9. Bedsores are ungodly! And worse yet, their completely unnecessary! The ONLY reason one gets them is bc of neglect. Period. I'm sorry she suffered from that. No one should have to.

  10. Other Mediums have been studied like this
    there is a strange activity in a certain region of their brains
    that lights up like a Christmas tree sometimes

  11. What I would do to talk to this guy and have my own reading. I need this after the passing of my mom

  12. I don't know why this video was recommended but mediums are so tacky and fake. Please stop the fuquery!

  13. Steve-O is such a cute loving kid at heart! That story he told on JRE about him meeting Motley Crüe was so endearing.
    There's more to everyone and anyone behind the everyday mask. I love you💓

  14. I wanna see two mediums sit next to each other and read the same person to see if they are getting the same messages

  15. Steve-o I just want to say to you congrats for the hardest thing to do and keep doing it’s to stay sober everyday. Mine was drugs but one day I put them down and have stayed away from them for over 23 years hardest road to go down at first but now it’s much easier as time passes by. God bless everyone that struggles with any form of addiction you can do it and make it to the other side it’s the hardest thing to do but worth it when you finally get there…..

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